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Regulators’ requirements for safeguarding

17 August 2018Bond

Find out more about the safeguarding guidance and requirements of DFID and the Charity Commission.

DFID guidance on enhanced due diligence

DFID has published guidance to provide its partners with details of new safeguarding standards and how they will be used in enhanced due diligence assessments (DDAs). The standards assess an organisation’s ability to protect from sexual exploitation and abuse and harassment, children, young people and vulnerable adults they work with as well as their own staff and volunteers.

Charity Commission requirements

The Charity Commission advises that safeguarding should be a priority for all charities – not just those working with groups traditionally considered at risk. It is important that trustees understand and fulfil their legal duties – this includes taking proper steps to protect people who come into contact with your charity and reporting serious incidents to the Commission.

Trustees should assure themselves that their safeguarding practices are robust. If there are concerns about this or about how issues may have been dealt with in past, trustees should carry out a formal review, including on the adequacy and robustness of the charity’s safeguarding measures, procedures and policies.