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Navigating AI and good governance

28 May 2024Bond and Buzzacott

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significant potential to transform the work of international development and humanitarian organisations, enabling them to achieve greater impact through their programmes and in response to humanitarian crises. While many INGOs are already using AI tools across various operational tasks, including content creation, grant management, data collection, they also face significant risks such as bias, cyber threats, and concerns about job displacement. With individuals utilising it for everything from streamlining content creation to sorting data or creating images, how can you tell? And if you can’t tell, how can you govern it?

Taking a leadership role in determining how AI could and should be used to improve the running of the organisation and its activities is often daunting for Boards of Trustees, however, it is essential for the good governance of the organisation, especially as use of AI becomes more prevalent. Understanding AI’s potential within the context of the organisation’s mission and values is essential for embedding appropriate principles and policies throughout its operations.

This webinar explored:

  • AI and its potential to benefit their organisation
  • What AI is and the context for INGOs
  • The opportunities and risks and where to begin
  • Practical tips and advice for AI governance

Click here to view the slides shared during the presentation.