Managing NGO finances during a cost of living crisis

Managing NGO finances during a cost of living crisis

15 November 2022Bond and haymacintyre
There have been many financial shocks to the NGO sector over the past two years, from the impact of Covid through to the devastating cuts to the UK aid budget. However, no one could have predicted the arrival of sudden high inflation and the severity with which this has affected all aspects of day to day operations.

Many organisations are running through their reserves as they attempt to underpin restricted grants which no longer cover the project costs and to meet staff expectations in terms of salary and reward.

This webinar shared:

  •  findings from the latest Bond survey on the impact of inflation on the sector
  • advice and support on successful financial management in times of crisis.

Our partners, haysmacintyre provided top tips on looking after your reserves, and other aspects of budget control.

The webinar was run in partnership with haysmacintyre.

Here is the link to the slides of the presentation.