Fundraising in a post – COVID-19 world

16 March 2022Bond, MzN International and AidKonekt

Fundraising can feel like a complex, frustrating science. Even more so post-pandemic.

So what do we need to consider when it comes to post-pandemic fundraising? What sorts of funding and donors should we aim to attract? How can we optimise the funding we have managed to secure thus far? And what concrete steps can we take to create a sustainable funding base in order to manifest the impact our NGOs were designed to achieve?

In this webinar the following was discussed:

  • how the pandemic has affected the (already competitive) funding landscape
  • what donors want from an NGO and what they expect from their donations
  • what our partners have done to change – and optimise – their value proposition to attract the “right” types of donors and funding for their organisations
  • “look in”, “look around” and “look ahead” the ways to identify concrete ways of improving our fundraising in 2022

The speakers included:

Here are the slides from the session.

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