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Four transitions reshaping the UK’s international development system


Thursday, July 2, 2020

There is sector-wide consensus that the international development system is experiencing a period of intense and rapid change. INGOs need to completely rethink their role and purpose in a constantly evolving landscape.

Existing governance structures and institutions are under threat. But global power shifts also present opportunities for new movements and actors to step up and achieve better development outcomes. In the next 10 years, we need to ensure that any changes in our system take us towards the Sustainable Development Goals. This series of infographics is the start of that journey.

In light of the intense change we face, these infographics bring together the trends, the innovations and the resulting risks and opportunities for the sector. We also highlight the questions that UK development actors need to consider to remain effective in the years up to 2030. 

We conducted desk-based research, interviews, and surveys involving over 100 organisations of various sizes and in varying locations, including in the global south. We also worked with a Nigerian futurist to provide an expert futures perspective from the global south based on research and interviews. 

Our findings are not comprehensive, nor are they predictions. Rather we have highlighted trends and innovations to watch. The four transitions are:

  1. Climate change and environmental degradation.
  2. New routes to development.
  3. Redistribution of power.
  4. Reinvented charity models.

Download the report below.

Or join our free workshop for leaders on the future of our sector, including the key questions we should be asking ourselves for better development outcomes.

You can also check out our explainer video on the transitions here:

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