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Creating better engagement

A guide for government and civil society organisations

6 June 2022Bond

How can we improve engagement so that it delivers on its promise of greater inclusion and impact for all?

This short paper looks at the principles behind effective engagement and outlines key steps that government and CSOs can take to improve it for everyone.

There are 10 practical steps you can take to make engagement processes more effective and ensure that it is meaningful, inclusive and deliberative.

  1. Involve civil society early
  2. Agree purpose and scope of the engagement
  3. Be open and accountable, while recognising need for confidentiality
  4. Co-create a well-structured process that encourages consistency
  5. Choose a mix of engagement mechanisms to get breadth and depth of inputs
  6. Ensure speakers and participants are diverse
  7. Make the process equitable
  8. Provide people with plenty of notice and sufficient time to respond
  9. Co-create the agenda for meetings
  10. Review, improve and provide feedback

Find out more in the paper.

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