COP27 UK government asks

CAN-UK Briefing

1 November 2022CAN-UK

Last year at COP26, the UK Government stood up for climate action and urged all countries to do more. Yet the Government has been stepping back from promises made to UK voters, those suffering the worst consequences of the climate crisis, and the world. It has been a difficult year for all, and the climate crisis is not the only crisis we are facing. But none of the crises are helped by slowing or reversing action on climate change – in fact all of them are made worse by this. The only way to secure the future we all want for our children is to take decisive action on climate change to reap the rewards of lower pollution, better health, cheaper renewable energy, increased security, and greater stability.

As the UK prepares for COP27, the people of the UK demand a resurgence in the UK’s commitment to address the climate emergency and secure a better and fairer future for us all. Recent IPSOS polling shows 8 out of 10 UK citizens are concerned about climate change, and half think the UK net zero target should be brought forward. This is the UK Government’s mandate for greater ambition, greater delivery, and bold action at COP27.

Urgent action is now needed to ensure the UK does not squander the reputation built on the global stage through its presidency of COP26 and diplomatic outreach, and instead redouble efforts to secure the opportunities such commitments bring for security, stability, sustainable growth, renewable energy, and resilience at home and around the world.

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