Cattle being driven to water by people

Climate and environment issues are development challenges too

Bondcast episode 5

16 May 2019

How we do development is depleting the natural environment which the poorest communities depend on.

We have 12 years to combat climate change and keep the world within a 1.5 degree limit of global warming.

As environmental and development organisations, we need to wake up to the triple challenges of tackling climate change, eliminating poverty and protecting the natural environment. At the recent Bond Conference, we brought together experts from different sectors to interrogate how we as NGOs can tackle this urgent crisis together.

In this episode of the Bondcast, you’ll hear thoughts from Farhana Yamin from Extinction Rebellion, Tanya Steele from WWF UK, and Christine Allen from CAFOD. The panel was moderated by Clare Shakya from International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED).

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