Nirmala practices walking with her new leg at the National Disabled Fund in Nepal

Photo: © Lucas Veuve/Handicap International

Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action


A coalition of organisations, including Handicap International, CBM, the International Disability Alliance, Human Rights Watch and the Women's Refugee Commission, has developed a charter to make humanitarian work more inclusive of persons with disabilities.

It puts forward five core principles:

  1. Ensuring non-discrimination
  2. Fostering participation of persons with disabilities
  3. Developing inclusive policies and guidelines
  4. Fostering an inclusive response and services
  5. Improving cooperation and coordination among humanitarian actors

The charter will be launched at the World Humanitarian Summit at a special session on inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian action, where representatives of member states, UN agencies and NGOs will state their commitments to bring the charter to life. Bond has endorsed the charter, as have ICVA and InterAction.

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