Can generating income support locally led development?

1 June 2023Bond

Some organisations have been generating income for many years through social enterprises and consultancy, to name a few approaches, but this is not the norm. Most INGOs have a more traditional, grant-led business model, and the increasingly uncertain and competitive environment is making things hard.

Bond, with funding from Access, have been working to gather case studies of how INGOs are generating income. We wanted to see if generating income and shifting away from the grant funding model can not only help organisations achieve financial sustainability but also support a shift in power to social activists and communities.

This webinar was run by Bond with funding from Access. In the session, participants heard from Farida Makame who is the international head of resource mobilisation at Restless Development, who spoke about their consultancy restless experts. As well as Josie Naughton who is the CEO of Choose Love, discussed how Choose Love developed a well-known brand which helps them generate income. And finally the session heard from Neil Berry who is the director of programmes at Access, who explained some of the options open to INGOs who are considering how they can generate income.

From this event, delegates obtained:

  • An overview of the importance of generating income for INGOs
  • Tangible examples of how INGOs are generating income, and the challenges and opportunities available
  • An understanding of how generating income can lead to a shift in power and support locally led development

Here is the presentation that was shared.