C7 communiqué 2021

Civil society's recommendations to the G7

26 April 2021Civil Society 7

Following the Civil Society 7 Summit 2021 on 19-20 April, over 200 civil society organisations from around the world have come together at this crucial moment in history to call on G7 leaders to agree a bold and ambitious policy agenda that puts people and planet at the centre of the world’s recovery.

The G7 is just one of numerous important intergovernmental meetings in 2021, so we also call for a progressive policy agenda to be addressed at the G20, COP26 and other important international moments, and for the G7 to support efforts to strengthen the United Nations and other multilateral forums where all countries participate. We humbly ask G7 leaders to model the vision they have previously articulated for more open and just societies by pursuing policy agendas that are consistent with these values and respect the human rights of all people, at home and abroad.

This agenda must be rooted in the principles of:

  1. sustainability: we call for an approach that meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
  2. inclusivity: G7 leaders must keep the promise to “leave no one behind” especially during this global pandemic by ensuring every policy measure reaches all people that face systematic exclusion, injustice, social and economic disadvantage
  3. a transformative shift in financing, decision-making and power to the communities that are directly affected by each issue, recognising the evidence that development interventions are most effective when they are led by directly affected communities.

The recommendations in this communiqué cover:

  • Global sustainable economic recovery after the pandemic
  • Global leadership to address the climate and ecological crises
  • A just and equitable approach to sharing vaccinations for Covid-19
  • Threats to democracy, open societies and democratic institutions
  • An agenda for racial justice

Read the communiqué in English below:

Read the communiqué in French here: Communiqué 2021 du: Recommandations de la soci?t? civile au G7

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