Building caring and inclusive organisations for mental wellbeing

8 July 2020Bond and CHS Alliance

Staff mental health is often neglected or not prioritised enough across the international development and humanitarian sector, while unchecked organisational cultures breed toxic environments which exacerbates poor mental health and wellbeing.

With NGOs facing increasing challenges in delivering their work during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is even more important for organisations to support their staff’s wellbeing as we work remotely.

Covid-19 and recent movements calling for more equality are shining a light on the structures and systems we have that further marginalise ethnic minorities. The connection between the types of organisational culture we nurture and the wellbeing of our staff goes hand in hand. We must do more to address the inequalities of support when it comes to mental health and wellbeing for all staff working in difficult contexts.

In this webinar, organisational wellbeing experts talk about:

  • the culture and practices that organisations need to develop to support staff wellbeing
  • why care and compassion are not just an HR or mental health issue and should concern us all
  • a project initiated by the CHS Alliance, which is designed to help organisations explore these topics further and be part of sector-wide change.

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