Advocacy toolkit

23 October 2015ROOTS and TearFund

An easy to understand and easy to use guide to the theory and practice of advocacy.

Each chapter includes teaching notes, case studies, tools, handouts and training The introductory sections (A-B) provide tips and guidance for exploring the what, who and why of advocacy including a comprehensive section on power and politics (p.30-41). instructions. Section E provides useful tips and ideas on the role of evidence and research to inform advocacy including beneficiary involvement (p.84-101). Section G5 is useful for organisations doing advocacy in difficult political contexts (194-209). Section H on monitoring and evaluating advocacy (p.212-224) includes a log for data monitoring and review (p.220). There is also new material offering a Christian perspective on human rights (p.183).

Good resource for individuals and organisations working in international development considering an advocacy project or programme, or looking to integrate advocacy into existing programmes or relief efforts or wanting to become more systematic and effective in their existing advocacy projects. Resources can be used for training purposes or for getting up to date on theories and practice. There are 80 case studies and a wide range of tools and templates that can be adapted to support planning and monitoring and evaluation of advocacy.

Skills and resources required: Basic understanding of advocacy and desire to know more about specific approaches or methods. Ability to adapt to own organisation or country context. For those wanting to run or adapt the sample workshop guides, the support of an experienced facilitator may be useful.

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