A transformative agenda for the G7

Recommendations from UK civil society

15 March 2021Bond and the C7

The UK will host world leaders at the 2021 G7 Summit in an exceptionally challenging context. Covid-19’s colossal impact on global economies has exacerbated an unprecedented scale of need globally.

Now is the wealthiest countries’ chance to help tackle the systemic issues that have left countries ill-equipped to withstand a global health emergency and prevented progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The G7 nations are critical for setting a truly transformative agenda that can help stimulate global action to address our most pressing challenges. G7 leaders and ministers must prioritise creating a more sustainable, inclusive, equitable and resilient world for all – especially the most marginalised and excluded people.

C7 2021 logoThe Civil Society 7 (C7) is an annual group of civil society organisations that convenes alongside the G7. As coordinators of the C7, Bond and our partner networks call on the UK to use its G7 leadership to take and promote the 25 actions laid out in this report.

The UK and G7 can take a giant stride towards building a better world by addressing the following priorities:

  • Health
  • Climate and environment
  • Sustainable economic recovery
  • Open societies and civic space
  • Education
  • Food security and nutrition
  • Conflict and atrocity prevention

Download the full report below. You can also download a French version here.

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