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Humanitarianism in crisis?

22 February 2024 • 

Humanitarians are being constrained by geopolitical agendas of donor states and the growing assertion of national sovereignty. What, then, can humanitarians hope to achieve? Watch this webinar with expert speakers from University of Bath, Dr Mathilde Maîtrot, Dr Touseef Mir and Dr Naomi Pendle who discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of humanitarian principles and practice.

2021: A supercharged year for accelerating climate change adaptation

31 March 2021 • 

The UK has a unique opportunity and moral obligation to galvanise action on adaptation this year to garner greater political ambition and secure an increase in the quality, quantity, and accessibility to climate finance.

Building resilience in fragile contexts

22 April 2020 • 

The Bond Resilience Learning Group convened to discuss how resilience can be built most effectively in places characterised by protracted and cyclical crises. Here is what they learned.

The Sphere Handbook 2018

6 July 2019 • 

The most widely known and internationally recognized tool in the field of humanitarian standards. The latest edition reflects new evidence and evolving practice in the humanitarian sector

The State of the Humanitarian System 2018

18 December 2018 • 

An independent study compiling the latest statistics and analysis on the size, shape and scope of the humanitarian system and assessing overall performance and progress.

Recovery Starts with Shelter

24 October 2018 • 

This report analyses shelter need and provisions following emergencies and disasters, revealing that in 2017 only one in five families received the shelter support they needed.

Peace Perceptions Poll 2018

20 September 2018 • 

International Alert asked more than 100,000 people in 15 countries - from those in active conflicts to those in relative peace - about their views on peace and conflict.