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Partnerships aren't built on pity. To build long-term public support for development, in order to tackle poverty, inequality and climate change, we need a new approach.

What's the problem?

Frequent exposure to guilt-inducing messages and images of "starving children with flies in their eyes" is making more and more people feel cynical about aid, distant from people in the global south, and that efforts to alleviate poverty are futile. 

Cynical face


Most people think no progress has been made in developing countries.

Distant face


People don’t feel connected to people living in the world’s poorest places.

Futile face


Very few people think their actions can have an impact.

The Narrative Project is a piece of research which explores people’s attitudes, beliefs and emotions in order to change public attitudes towards global development. This video summarises the key findings, which highlight using 4 themes of Independence, Shared Values, Partnership and Progress.


Public support news and views

Make Poverty History march
A look back at what has happened in international development in the UK since Bond was founded 25 years ago.
26 June 2018
Crowd of people in a city
We need a change in the underlying strategy and messaging of aid if we are to meet the current crisis of public support.
11 June 2018
People in front of brand advertising screens at Piccadilly Circus
Trends to get NGOs thinking about how to to develop their brand and grow their audience reach in 2018.
31 May 2018

Public Support Resources

How charities work
A resource explaining how charities are run and how the public can help them to make a difference
16 December 2016
Narrative Project Presentation
This presentation provides a background on The Narrative Project, a piece of research which explores how our communication strategies can change public perceptions of global development.
28 June 2016
Two Guatemalan women walking back to the village to bring the wood collected to cook dinner for the family.
The Aid Attitude Tracker (AAT) is a long-term study of UK public attitudes and engagement with global poverty, aid and development.
15 November 2016

How can we change?

The public conversation can be changed. We don't have to use stereotypes. We can talk about global poverty in a way that helps people feel hopeful and motivates action.

Case study

Find out how 10 organsiations got on when they integrated the Narrative Project messaging approach into their communications.

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Public Support working group

Access the latest evidence and research in the Public Support working group. Use this community space to share and discuss new approaches, best practice and emerging insights.

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Further support

We can help you to:

  • Present the evidence and facilitate a discussion with your organisation
  • Test new narrative messages in your communications

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