ICAI review on UK humanitarian aid to Afghanistan – Bond reaction

Today, Thursday 11 July, the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) has released its latest review on UK humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

The review finds that UK aid has made a meaningful difference in Afghanistan but the amount of assistance from the UK and other donors is falling.

The review also finds:

  • Delivery of aid remains difficult, partly due to restrictions on women working for the UN and other humanitarian organisations.
  • UK officials need to visit Afghanistan regularly to manage such a large aid programme.
  • Reports of ‘donor fatigue’ and other crises around the world are shifting focus away from Afghanistan.
  • UK diplomacy supports UN processes to engage Taliban in negotiations.

In reaction to the review, Bond’s Director of Policy and Advocacy, Gideon Rabinowitz said:

The drastic reduction in UK aid to Afghanistan in recent years reflects a concerning trend of donor fatigue amid a humanitarian crisis affecting 23.7 million people. While increased funding from the FCDO to local NGOs is a positive step, there remains significant challenges in delivery and monitoring without a permanent UK presence in the region.

The UK and the international community must not abandon Afghanistan. The UK government should seriously consider ways of re-establishing a UK presence in the country and maintain flexible, well-coordinated assistance directly to the Afghan people to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a forgotten crisis.


Notes to editors

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