ICAI review of UK aid to Ukraine – Bond reaction

Today, Tuesday 30 April, The Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) has released its rapid review on UK aid to Ukraine. The review finds that UK aid to Ukraine has been fast, flexible and responsive but post-war reconstruction will need careful management.

Other key findings of the review include:

  • ICAI finds the UK mounted an effective and flexible civilian aid response to the crisis in Ukraine, including bilateral aid of £228m and a 5-year commitment of £4 billion in loan guarantees.
  • Strong efforts to ensure aid reaches vulnerable groups such as the elderly, women and those with disabilities.
  • More humanitarian aid should be channelled through Ukrainian civil society organisations, watchdog says.
  • UK has sought support for Ukraine from other countries and the private sector, including through the Ukraine Recovery Conference in London.
  • ICAI warns the UK aid programme must prepare for and manage corruption risks, especially with post-war reconstruction.

ICAI reports that civil society groups in Ukraine play a crucial part in the delivery of humanitarian assistance and found a need for improvements in how the global community, including the UK, works with and funds these groups. Some local organisations told ICAI that strict conditions attached to international aid made it difficult for them to access the funds they needed.

    As of January 2024, over 6 million refugees have fled the country, and an estimated 3.7 million people are internally displaced. Approximately 14.6 million people continue to need humanitarian assistance in 2024, according to UNHCR

    In reaction to the ICAI review, Romilly Greenhill, CEO of Bond said: 

    The UK’s commitment to supporting Ukraine’s recovery through humanitarian assistance and mobilising public and private funds is commendable and must continue. International humanitarian assistance should reach local civic organisations in Ukraine that are best placed to support the millions of people dealing with the impacts of conflict, trauma and internal displacement. In the longer term, Ukraine’s global partners should champion a recovery plan that prioritises the needs and interests of Ukrainians and their local economy.


    Notes for editors

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