The second anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine – Bond statement

Saturday 24 February 2024 marks the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.  

Two years on, the conflict continues, with at least 10,000 Ukrainian civilians killed and more than 18,500 people injured. 

As of January 2024, over 6 million refugees have fled the country, and an estimated 3.7 million people are internally displaced. Approximately 14.6 million people continue to need humanitarian assistance in 2024, according to UNHCR

The war also continues to have a major impact on food and energy supplies and prices across the world, putting a particular strain on access to food across East Africa where 50 million people are being pushed towards starvation.  

Reflecting on the second anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine, Bond’s Director of Policy and Advocacy, Gideon Rabinowitz said: 

We remain deeply concerned by the impact of the ongoing war in Ukraine. In addition to the huge loss of life and appalling humanitarian crisis in the country, the war has exacerbated rates of hunger across East Africa and other parts of the world. 

On this anniversary, the world must not forget Ukraine’s ongoing plight. International humanitarian assistance needs to continue to reach local organisations in Ukraine helping to alleviate the suffering of millions enduring the country’s darkest hour. The world must also respond to the impacts of this conflict on global food security and hunger.


Notes to editors

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