Open letter to all MPs signed by over 60 INGOs calls for ceasefire

Over 60 UK INGOs have written an open letter to MPs and Ministers ahead of the SNP motion on Wednesday to vote for a ceasefire in Gaza.

The letter is signed by ActionAid UK, Amnesty International UK, IRC UK, Jewish Network for Palestine, Norwegian Refugee Council, Save the Children UK, UNICEF UK, Bond and many more.

The letter states that,

“An immediate and permanent ceasefire will halt the cycle of violence, facilitate the release of all hostages, allow for the restoration of essential services, allow for international humanitarian assistance to reach those in need, and provide an opportunity for dialogue and negotiation towards a lasting peace that benefits everyone in the region. We cannot afford to delay any longer. Private diplomacy and cautious statements are not enough – stronger action and accountability needs to be applied or the humanitarian catastrophe will likely surpass even the horrors we have seen over the last four months.”

Nicola Banks of Action for Humanity said:

NGOs have persistently urged the UK government to take stronger action to support a ceasefire that will benefit both Israel and Palestine, facilitate adequate humanitarian assistance into Gaza, ensure the release of hostages, and reduce the risk of regional conflict amidst ongoing strikes in various countries. However, we are losing confidence in the UK’s ability to act to halt these atrocities. The upcoming vote in the House of Commons offers a crucial opportunity to mandate increased efforts to secure an immediate and permanent ceasefire and prevent further violence.

We are particularly concerned by the imminent escalation in Rafah, where over 1.3 million displaced civilians are currently sheltering and facing critical shortages. If the international community cannot limit military operations in Rafah, we risk a humanitarian catastrophe surpassing the horrors even of the past months. We need an immediate and permanent ceasefire now – not a ‘pause’, not a ‘ceasefire soon’, a ceasefire now.

The full letter and list of signatories is available to view online.


Notes for editors

  • This letter was co-ordinated by the Bond Humanitarian Working Group focusing on the OPT and Israel.
  • Many of Bond’s member organisations are actively working in, or have recently worked in some form in Gaza providing humanitarian assistance to civilians.
  • Bond unites and supports a diverse network of over 350 civil society organisations from across the UK, and allies to help eradicate global poverty, inequality and injustice. 
  • For further information or interviews, please get in touch with Jess Salter at [email protected] or call 07493200979.