Bond launches new resource to explore the future of international development

Today, Tuesday 13 June, Bond has launched its new resource, Future Innovation Cards, a curated set of 50 innovations to help individuals and organisations challenge their thinking about the future of international development and the UK’s role in it.

Over the last 18 months, Bond’s Future Dialogues project has been looking at innovations that could transform the current international ‘aid and development system’ and what the UK’s role in this system could be. The project convened a group of 20 leading thinkers from the international development sector and a few adjacent sectors to look ahead and reimagine a world that addresses the global challenges we face. The project deliberately focused on interrogating emerging ideas and innovations to challenge and inspire, which produced the Future Innovation Cards

Organisations need to be prepared for a very different future and change is happening quickly. Bond’s Future Innovation Cards will help international development organisations and beyond deal with this uncertainty and build agile organisational reflexes in response to risks and opportunities.

We invite organisations to use this deck creatively to explore, test and imagine different future scenarios and ask themselves what this might mean for their work. Using the cards to:

  • Develop organisational strategies
  • Imagine a new approach to advocacy
  • Build narratives of possible alternatives futures
  • Identify and share further transformational innovations

Stephanie Draper, Chief Executive of Bond, said: 

Our 50 innovation cards cover four sites of transformation: economics for people and planet; agency and solidarity; funding and financing for development, and shifting power in the international architecture. Each innovation has the potential to challenge the status quo. The magic is in how they come together, giving individuals and organisations a framework to envision creative new ways forward for the international development system.


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