Bond statement in response to ICAI’s Newton Fund report and The Times

“Bond has been calling for other government departments and funds to be poverty-focused and abide by international aid rules for many years now. Though we have seen progress from some cross-government funds, ICAI’s recent report supports our position that any government department spending UK aid must meet the same standards and work to the same objectives as DFID – to alleviate poverty and reach the world’s poorest people.

In addition, all UK aid must be fully untied in order to ensure its effectiveness. This is the only way to address the British public’s concerns and show that every penny of UK aid cannot be better spent. We need to recognise, however, that the majority of UK aid is invested well and remains a lifeline for many people living in extreme poverty around the world.”


  1. Bond is the UK network for organisations working in international development, including Save the Children, Oxfam and Christian Aid. Bond unites and supports a diverse network of over 400 civil society organisations and allies to help eradicate global poverty, inequality and injustice.
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