Stella Opoku-Owusu

Executive Director


Stella Opoku-Owusu is Executive Director at African Foundation for Development (AFFORD). AFFORD is a diaspora-led organisation with a mission to ‘enhance and expand the diaspora’s contribution to Africa’ with a priority focus on harnessing diaspora skills and resources for enterprise and employment in Africa.

Stella has 20 years’ experience in the development sector at community, national and international levels, working with diverse communities, including faith-based, BAME, and diaspora and migrant communities. She brings with her solid experience and knowledge of diaspora, migration and development in policy and practice.

She has a good sense of strategic vision and independent judgement with the ability to think creatively – she has been strategic in developing and driving AFFORD’s work on Diaspora & Migrants’ contributions to Enterprise and Employment including establishing AFFORD Diaspora Finance and management system, with a Portfolio, to a value of £1.5 million; overseeing AFFORD’s engagement with Diaspora & Migrants, Network Building and Training; developing new strategic and funding partnerships and maintaining existing ones, for long-term engagement.