Rosario Salazar Segovia

Feminist activist

Rosario Salazar Segovia (Cusco, Peru), is a feminist activist, working as an advocate for the defence of the rights of Andean and Amazonian women, particularly on sexual and reproductive rights. Rosario accompanies girls, adolescents and adult women in their own reflection and empowering processes, and in their fight to eradicate the different forms of violence against women in Peru.
Rosario’s holds a degree in Anthropology, with master’s in social development and Gender studies, and specialised in supporting women survivors of sexual exploitation and tariffing.

For the last 30 years, Rosario has been working with Amhauta, a space that brings together women activist that advance the rights of Andean and Amazonian women, challenge discrimination and power abuse, and promote a more equal society. In 2001, Rosario was part of the Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the southern Andean region, raising awareness of the impact of the 80s and 90s Political violence in Peru, from the women’s rights perspective.