Megan Nobert

Director of safeguarding
International Rescue Committee

Megan Nobert is a Canadian born legal professional, academic, and humanitarian, having worked in in the Gaza Strip, Jordan, Lebanon, Zambia, and South Sudan on issues of humanitarian law and gender-based violence. While in South Sudan in 2015, she was sexually assaulted by another humanitarian, and this led to her going public about her experience in July 2015. This experience also inspired her to start Report the Abuse, whose mandate was to break down the silence on sexual violence against humanitarian aid workers. During its operation, Report the Abuse broke down considerable barriers within the humanitarian community, inspiring survivors of sexual violence to speak up and creating the first good practices tools to assist humanitarian organisations address sexual violence against their staff.

Currently Megan is bringing her knowledge and experience to the International Rescue Committee, as their director of safeguarding.


Interpol headquarters
23 February 2022
In the next decade we hope to see more survivors be able to come forward. We hope to see aid workers and those who commit sexual violence across the globe to come to justice. Project Soteria will help this happen.