Maureen Cherongis

Media and External Relations Lead

Amref Health Africa

Maureen Cherongis serves as the Media and External Relations Lead at Amref Health Africa. A chartered public relations practitioner with more than eight  years of strategic communications and public affairs, she is committed to changing the African narrative by showcasing compelling stories that reflect the efforts of improving Africa’s development agenda.  As a passionate advocate for ethical storytelling and the decolonization of narratives in Africa, she is at the forefront of driving positive change within the storytelling landscape. Maureen has collaborated with various organizations, institutions, and individuals to conduct workshops, seminars, and discussions that address the ethical challenges within storytelling in Africa. Through these platforms, she likes empowering individuals and organizations to embrace ethical storytelling practices that honor the diversity and richness of African cultures.  Her efforts have led to groundbreaking projects such as Who owns the Story  – a research that challenge conventional storytelling norms and amplify the voices of communities in Africa.


Maureen holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations & Diplomacy from Maseno University, a postgraduate Professional Diploma in Public Relations from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the UK, and a Master’s degree in International Relations from the United States International University (USIU).