Kate Newman

Kate Newman

Co-head of research, evidence and learning
Christian Aid

Kate Newman is co-head of research, evidence and learning at Christian Aid. She joined Christian Aid in 2013 after completing her PhD on the challenges and dilemmas of integrating participatory and rights-based approaches to development.

Kate has worked in the international development sector for the past 20 years, initially based in Mexico, then in ActionAid where she coordinated a global programme, as a consultant to various INGOs while studying for her Phd, and at the Open University. Throughout all these roles she has linked her passion for adult learning and social change, with a belief that there should be better opportunities to bring multiple perspectives and different knowledge into debates about what "good development" looks like. At heart she is a practitioner with a strong commitment to fighting for social justice but she believes that both the NGO and academic worlds have a lot to offer and to learn from each other.  


Women at community meeting holding paper
30 October 2018
Recommendations for building more equitable research partnerships that can have a real world impact.
Survey in Dadaab camp, Kenya
28 November 2017
Recommendations for productive partnerships between academics and NGOs, based on a new guide and toolkit.