David Hudson

David Hudson

University of Birmingham

David Hudson is Professor of Politics and Development in the University of Birmingham’s International Development Department. He is the Director of the Developmental Leadership Program (DLP) and the Co-Director of the Development Engagement Lab (DEL). The DEL investigates how and why citizens engage with global development issues. 

His other work focuses on the politics of development, in particular on the role of leadership in reform processes and migrant decision-making processes.

Recent projects include fieldwork or data collection in Fiji, Indonesia, Jamaica, Myanmar, and Rwanda, involving survey data, network analysis, experiments, text analysis, interviews and focus groups. 


A man with his face covered cycles through London near parliament
1 June 2020
New research from the Development Engagement Lab sheds light on the British public’s receptivity to development cooperation in the context of the global Covid-19 pandemic. 
Twitter on the beach
27 January 2015
David Hudson from UCL shares some of the key findings from his research on the IF campaign's use of Twitter.