Claire Godfrey

Claire Godfrey

Interim director of policy, advocacy and research

Claire has over 20 years’ experience in a variety of roles campaigning on global poverty and social justice issues.

She is currently Bond’s interim director of policy, advocacy and research. Prior to this role, she held various senior policy and advocacy roles with Oxfam International and Oxfam GB. She has also has extensive experience working on EU policy in the areas of trade, aid, tax and agriculture.


EU flag in front of Westminster
9 May 2019
An update on the Brexit situation and what we want to see from the negotiations to ensure the best deal for the world's poorest people.
US government delegation talking to civil society representatives at the UN in Geneva
1 April 2019
As engagement between government and CSOs deteriorates, we highlight the potential dangers of government bypassing civil society, and the value of CSOs to formulating better public policy.
City of London
8 February 2019
Any private investment in aid needs to work in the interests of the world’s poorest or the UK's aid quality will deteriorate.
Children painting a wall mural with EU flag in Arbat camp, Iraq
24 September 2018
The UK government’s commitment to underwrite EU humanitarian funding is welcomed but a post-Brexit agreement needs to ensure that collaboration and shared learning between UK and EU CSOs can continue.
UK and EU flags outside the Houses of Parliament
15 March 2018
A new UK "non-paper" outlines, for the first time, specifics on potential future UK-EU development cooperation post-Brexit.
European flags
9 January 2018
The UK leaving the EU will have a big impact on civil society in both the UK and on the continent, but the sector should still work together to achieve common goals.