Andres Gomez de la Torre

Bond People of Colour in Development Group

Originally from Peru, Andres has spent most of his life working on international development and humanitarian programmes, policy, operations and organisational change across Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. He has worked for a variety of national and international organisations, including networks and alliances, and in partnership with the private sector and governmental actors. Andres is a strong advocate for human rights, gender equality, inclusion and diversity, as well as active in transformational initiatives such as true localisation, anti-racism and decolonising the sector.


12 April 2022
An active intersectional practice against racism and white supremacy in all their manifestations and across all areas of work is required, including across EDI practices. Part two of our blogs looking at culture and structures inside of NGOs.
Discrimination depiction
6 April 2022
In the first of our series looking at racism in development, this blog is part one of two pieces looking at culture and structures inside of NGOs and the discrimination it exacerbates.
West African market
24 April 2017
Andres Gomez de la Torre is the programme and policy director at CARE International UK. We spoke to him about his role and his experience of international development.