Amy Barry

Amy Barry

di:ga Communications

Amy is a former national newspaper journalist turned international development professional with over 15 years’ experience in media and strategic communications. 

Amy is familiar with all areas of development policy, particularly international economic relations, agriculture, aid effectiveness, and climate change. Before setting up di:ga Communications in 2011, she was director of communications at Global Witness and Head of News at Oxfam.

Amy started her career as a journalist working for The Times and The Mail on Sunday. She has a First in English Literature from Oxford and a Postgraduate Diploma in Economics from Birkbeck.


Stack of newspapers in a Kiosk, London, United Kingdom
4 February 2021
In the context of growing challenges to the sector, it is perhaps worth returning to the basic rules and tips around how to use media and comms to advance our causes and make the world a better place.