Alice Delemere

Alice Delemare

Campaigns manager

Alice is campaigns manager at Bond, the UK membership body for organisations working in international development. In this role, she leads a programme on building public support for development. She supports organisations to build knowledge of the latest research on public attitudes and runs training on how to implement new narrative approaches in communications.

Before joining Bond, Alice worked in campaigning roles at VSO, the Electoral Reform Society and Oxfam, in addition to working for an MP in their constituency office. She recently spent a significant amount of time living and working in the north of Ghana with VSO and a Ghanaian partner organisation, where she supported community advocacy on a large education project.

Alice is a northerner at heart and always interested in exploring new ways to support campaigning outside of London. She is passionate about activism, equality and bringing people together to achieve positive change.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @alice_delemare
LinkedIn: Alice Delemare


Two Guatemalan women walking back to the village to bring the wood collected to cook dinner for the family.
15 November 2016
Research from the Aid Attitude Tracker tracks public engagement towards global poverty. Overall, there has been a steady decline in participation. To sustain the UK’s role on global poverty, we need to be aware of trends and develop a new approach.
group of people at a desk
4 October 2016
Stemming from the Narrative Project, designed to understand how to change the negative public conversation around aid and build support for global dev, The New Venture Fund supported 10 orgs to develop, refine and ‘road test’ the narrative approach.
The word reflect made out of bunting
11 August 2016
Being a campaigner is hard work: the challenges are big and the world is changing apace. Alice shares her thoughts on how campaigners can avoid a burnout.
Six hands making the peace sign
2 August 2016
Changing people's behaviour is difficult. Alice Delemare shares some behavioural psychology tips for campaigners, gathered at a recent CharityComms event.
Crowds at the Global Citizen concert in Central Park, New York.
28 September 2015
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has been formally adopted and 17 universal goals will shape development policy for the next 15 years. But how do we talk about the Global Goals?