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Ali Stiby Harris

Public affairs and government relations manager

Bond's public affairs and government relations manager, Ali has previously worked for Unicef UK and in parliament. She has an MA in International Politics and Development from Newcastle University and has volunteered in Tanzania, Nepal and Zambia and Kenya. She is passionate about protecting human rights, supporting refugees and peace processes.

Ali is interested in all things political and helping Bond members to be politically astute. One of her proudest moments is achieving real change for children in the Modern Slavery Bill. She regularly campaigns on feminist, humanitarian and carer issues. One day she hopes to have a Great Dane. Ask Ali about the Policy and Lobbying Group and political analysis.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @AliStibyHarris


Rt Hon Priti Patel, Secretary of State for International Development
Yesterday the new International Development Secretary faced Parliament for the first time; here is Bond's round up of DFID orals and her session with the International Development Committee.
14 September 2016
Rollercoaster against an evening sky
Party Conferences kick off next weekend. If this is your first time or if you need some new ideas, Ali Louis's essential guide will help you make the most out of your time there.
13 September 2016
Latest aid supplies reach earthquake-hit Nepal from the UK
Aid for trade can cover a variety of programmatic areas, but ODA should not be used as a bargaining tool to encourage countries to open up markets for the UK, says Ali Louis.
4 August 2016
Theresa May speaking at the Girl Summit in 2014
Bond's Political Affairs Adviser, Ali Louis discusses some priority areas that the new government should focus on if Britain is to continue to play a leading role in helping the world's poorest people.
28 July 2016