Open information and accounts

We believe that all activities and decisions, and those of our members, should be transparent and open to public scrutiny. We welcome constructive debate about our policies and management practices.

Bond has an open information policy which details the information we share publicly and the information that we may exclude.

Because part of our work involves supporting our members to publish open data to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Standard, we have done so too.

We are committed to working in an open and transparent way. We want to celebrate success where appropriate and encourage objective assessment of our work. We are ready to be held to account and scrutinised by funders, members, the wider international development sector and beyond.

IATI data

We have published XML data on our current DFID accountable grant for 2013–2016 and our previous DFID grant for 2011–2013, as well as our current grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Standard, which can also be found on the IATI Registry. This data will be updated quarterly (in arrears) for the lifetime of the grants.

You can find out more about our approach to IATI publishing in our IATI implementation schedule.

Part of the IATI standard requires publication of documents relating to grants. Below you can find information on our DFID accountable grants. Annual reviews and other related documents will be added as they are created. Code from

Gender pay gap data

DFID accountable grant 2013–2016

European Year for Development 2015–2016

DFID accountable grant 2011–2013

Independent evaluations

The following are a sample of independent evaluations of Bond activity:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant 2011–2014: More and Better Aid

DFID Accountable Grant 2011-2013

Bond Strategy 2006–2011

Big Lottery Fund grant

DFID Strategic Funding arrangements

Business model review, October 2009

Mentoring pilot, July 2011

Pay statements