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Boris Johnson campaigning
24 July 2019
The new UK prime minister's views on aid spending and DFID's future as an independent government department.
A group of young women with visual impairments get ready to compete in a Judo competition in Delhi
24 July 2019
A look at what has changed and what hasn't in disability and development, a year on from the Global Disability Summit.
UK Aid in Burma
22 July 2019
The Department for International Trade is set to receive part of the UK aid budget to spend on trade education and expertise.
Data in the streets
16 July 2019
Tips for using data in your fundraising strategy to get a better idea of what works for your organisation.
African women speaking in classroom
14 July 2019
No country is set to achieve gender equality by 2030, so the UK government must lead on driving global change in gender policy.
Woman holding a female condom
12 July 2019
We must hold the UK government accountable for its global leadership on universal health coverage and HIV.
Humanitarian aid after Fuego volcano eruption, Antigua, Guatemala
10 July 2019
A look at how well the humanitarian sector is (or isn't) supporting locally-led humanitarian action, three years since the World Humanitarian Summit.
Sky scrapers and slum cityscape
8 July 2019
While the HLPF is reviewing global progress in achieving Goal 10, the UK government needs to prioritise action to reduce inequality between and within countries.
20 June 2019
The NAO highlights concerns around the impact and transparency of aid spent by non-DFID government departments and funds.
SDG Wall at Bond Conference 2018
14 June 2019
Our new report looks at the UK's international progress on the goals and highlights gaps where action and investment are most needed.
British newspapers
22 May 2019
Understanding how people use and view different media outlets can help NGOs tell their stories more effectively.
Riverside designed as a boat and Refugees Welcome written on wall
16 May 2019
Classing spending on in-donor refugee support as ODA distorts reporting and gives a misleading picture of the true amount countries are spending on aid.
Children in school in Myanmar
14 May 2019
Some key areas for the new secretary of state for international development, including the SDGs, safeguarding and the future UK-EU development relationship.
EU flag in front of Westminster
9 May 2019
An update on the Brexit situation and what we want to see from the negotiations to ensure the best deal for the world's poorest people.
8 May 2019
Nine recommendations for better advocacy, based on the experience of a campaign coordinating efforts to make the case for aid.
Portrait of Rory Stewart
2 May 2019
Rory Stewart replaces Penny Mordaunt MP as the new international development secretary of state.
Unfocused shot of meeting
24 January 2019
Managing a crisis can be complicated, but organisations need to consider their people's wellbeing when planning their responses.
Rescue workers celebrate in Nepal surrounded by cameras
11 January 2019
A new research study finds that very few commercial news organisations cover humanitarian issues outside of major emergencies.
Children in school in Zambia raising their hands
7 January 2019
Behaviour change campaigns can make a real difference if tailored for the right audiences and their needs.
Woman walking through ruined area of Sana'a, Yemen
13 November 2018
A new poll has found that 42% of the UK public do not know that there is a war going on in Yemen. Why is there such a lack of awareness?
Mobile phone with lots of apps on screen
1 November 2018
Some recent examples of NGO mobile apps and three things to think about before making your own.
Coffee cups
20 September 2018
Party conference season is back - here are some tips to get you through it and make the most of the advocacy opportunities.
Midwife and two children she looks after, in Sierra Leone
20 August 2018
NGOs are one of the main sources of imagery from the developing world, so we must consider the images we use and how they might affect perceptions.
Supporters of the marriage equality campaign
6 August 2018
Five ways Yes Equality's digital campaign achieved real change and how the lessons can be applied by other campaigners.
Child in Yemen eating food
21 February 2019
Securing funds from the US government's development agency can be time-consuming and competitive, so it's good to be prepared before bidding.
Silhouette of road sign
7 February 2019
NGO leaders need to make brave decisions in order to adapt and evolve for the future.
Rickshaws in Delhi
7 February 2019
It is dangerous to assume that private financing has the same development impact as other aid flows.
European flags
5 February 2019
A new research study looks at how UK government funding of CSOs compares to trends in five other European countries.
Man and child drinking tea
28 January 2019
Questions remain over when to use public-private finance approaches and how to get the best impact from them.
Funding for Development Conference 2018
10 October 2018
Over 200 people joined us for our second Funding for Development Conference. Here are three key areas of learning for NGOs that came out of the day.
Children painting a wall mural with EU flag in Arbat camp, Iraq
24 September 2018
The UK government’s commitment to underwrite EU humanitarian funding is welcomed but a post-Brexit agreement needs to ensure that collaboration and shared learning between UK and EU CSOs can continue.
Theresa May and Cyril Ramaphosa delivering a speech in Cape Town
6 September 2018
Theresa May announces funding for stability, economic prosperity and family planning while visiting Africa to promote UK trade after Brexit.
Indian trans activist Abheena Aher on stage at Bond Conference
21 March 2019
Key takeaways from Europe’s biggest international development event.
Meeting in Muzzafarpur, Bihar, India
13 March 2019
Three ways INGO research differs from other forms of research and the opportunities and challenges that it faces.
Two boys on a bike in new housing development in Malawi
12 March 2019
Affordable homes stimulate economic and social changes that impact many of the Sustainable Development Goals.
Women waiting at health clinic in Laniar, Senegal
7 March 2019
Recommendations for mainstreaming gender at organisational and programme level.
Two children playing with water in Chiang Mai, Thailand
28 February 2019
What is a theory of change and how can you go about developing one to support your NGO's strategy?
Man and child drinking tea
28 January 2019
Questions remain over when to use public-private finance approaches and how to get the best impact from them.
Brexit flags
16 January 2019
Summarising the current Brexit situation facing the UK development sector, what might happen now and Bond's priorities for the year.
Refugee woman with her rabbits in Bangladesh
9 January 2019
The latest figures from the OECD show that worldwide Official Development Assistance fell slightly in 2017 to a total of $144.7bn.
Woman in Kenya waiting to have eye patch removed after surgery by The Fred Hollows Foundation
29 August 2018
How The Fred Hollows Foundation has been using innovative forms of funding to fight avoidable blindness.
Star Trail
12 July 2018
Digital continues to change the way NGOs work and communicate, with ongoing trends offering opportunities and challenges.
Cargo ship
4 April 2018
Three measures the sector could take to encourage INGOs to make bold structural changes.
Mantis app hacked
28 March 2018
We ran an experiment using a fictional NGO to get organisations to think about how they need to change if they are to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.
Man sits next to sign in Tortola after Hurricane Irma
21 March 2018
The current model of humanitarian funding often means money arrives too late. Other models could offer improvement.
People in Dhaka, Bangladesh from above
16 February 2018
ICRC's new way of financing humanitarian work has the potential to modernise the existing funding mechanisms and test new ways of supporting people in need.
Shipping containers
7 February 2018
Mergers, relocations and other organisational structural changes can help INGOs to survive and thrive in a challenging environment.
Aerial view of Shanghai
21 December 2017
We look at whether our predictions for 2017 became reality.
Unfocused shot of meeting
24 January 2019
Managing a crisis can be complicated, but organisations need to consider their people's wellbeing when planning their responses.
Bond banner
9 January 2019
Stephanie Draper is the current chief change officer and deputy chief executive at Forum for the Future and will start at Bond in mid-March.
Civil Society Futures workshop in Newcastle
3 January 2019
After speaking to over 3000 people, the Civil Society Futures inquiry has proposed some recommendations for building stronger connections between charities and the public.
Paper lanterns in Sydney
18 December 2018
We've been very busy at Bond this year - here are eighteen achievements from 2018.
Swirl of barracuda
11 December 2018
Penny Lawrence looks at the structural and cultural changes multi-mandate NGOs can make to keep up with future trends.
Fish on coral on Great Barrier Reef
8 November 2018
Oxfam GB's former deputy chief executive discusses the challenges facing big international development charities and shares her insights into how they can remain relevant.
People in an office
1 October 2018
Recommendations for cultivating an inclusive, supportive culture for NGOs.
Conference centre
20 September 2018
Listing the fringe events being hosted by Bond members and allies at the Labour and Conservative party conferences in September.

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