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Delegates listening at Labour Party Conference
A roundup of the international development issues discussed at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool.
27 September 2018
Map of the world with different currencies
Four takeaways from ICAI's new performance review of DFID's approach to value for money in procurement.
26 September 2018
Children painting a wall mural with EU flag in Arbat camp, Iraq
The UK government’s commitment to underwrite EU humanitarian funding is welcomed but a post-Brexit agreement needs to ensure that collaboration and shared learning between UK and EU CSOs can continue.
24 September 2018
Coffee cups
Party conference season is back - here are some tips to get you through it and make the most of the advocacy opportunities.
20 September 2018
Conference centre
Listing the fringe events being hosted by Bond members and allies at the Labour and Conservative party conferences in September.
20 September 2018
People marching down Whitehall against public expenditure cuts
Highlights from the House of Lords' debate on how charity campaigning and democracy are restricted by the Lobbying Act.
14 September 2018
Palace of Westminster
Despite the IDC’s recommendations, the UK government has rejected crucial recommendations for any government department investing UK aid to be accountable to DFID.
13 September 2018
Hawa, refugee in a camp in Cameroon, with a clipboard
Feedback and accountability mechanisms are crucial for establishing trust so that individuals and communities feel able to raise concerns.
12 September 2018
Polio survivor in wheelchair
Over 800 people attended the first of its kind summit this week to raise global awareness of disability. Here are the key commitments and actions NGOs, government and private sector need to take next.
26 July 2018
Crowd of people in a city
We need a change in the underlying strategy and messaging of aid if we are to meet the current crisis of public support.
11 June 2018
March and protest sign
A new report shows how the Lobbying Act is negatively impacting campaigners and democratic engagement in the UK.
5 June 2018
Refugees gathered under a tent
Research on public attitudes identifies four blocks that stop the public connecting with humanitarian issues.
16 May 2018
anto-corruption sign in Zambia
How we lobbied the government to decide that British overseas territories must adopt the same level of transparency as the rest of the UK.
10 May 2018
Hamilton waterfront, Bermuda
The bill gives the UK government new powers to clamp down on money laundering and tax havens and to respond to human rights violations.
2 May 2018
Commonwealth flags
Six important announcements for the international development sector made by the UK at last week's Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.
23 April 2018
The UK government is committed to protecting civil society space around the world, but the restrictions on advocacy and campaigning in the UK are undermining these critical efforts.
15 February 2018
UK aid being unloaded
An increase in aid during turbulent times is welcome but it is important that government departments have a rigorous focus on effectiveness, accountability and transparency.
7 April 2017
There are other ways to build trust in organisations rather than just increasing transparency requirements.
16 March 2017
The open source, decentralised database blockchain allows donors, aid agencies, NGOs and beneficiaries to operate transparent, agile and open networks
16 March 2017
End Corruption sign in Uganda
There is no quick fix to overcoming corruption in aid but there are some things we can do better - here are six suggestions for where to begin.
23 January 2017
Corruption is deadly sign in Uganda
With corruption being used as a reason to attack aid efforts, we look at how corruption affects development and what NGOs should consider to overcome it.
17 January 2017
Market in Oromia, Ethiopia
13 recommendations to improve the guidelines used by countries and civil society to report on progress made on the Sustainable Development Goals.
11 January 2017
Small child walking through a field
This blog series presents perspectives on the upcoming meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation. Part 1 is by Amy Dodd, Director at UK Aid Network and looks at aid effectiveness and what we can do to see progress.
24 November 2016
Children playing soccer
Since the signing of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) last year, countries have been getting to grips with this new, deeply ambitious agenda. The HLPF in July this year was the first chance to see what progress countries are making.
17 November 2016
Man sits next to sign in Tortola after Hurricane Irma
The current model of humanitarian funding often means money arrives too late. Other models could offer improvement.
21 March 2018
Shipping containers
Mergers, relocations and other organisational structural changes can help INGOs to survive and thrive in a challenging environment.
7 February 2018
Boat navigating a storm
Organisations need to become more agile and adaptable to cope in a volatile and uncertain world.
30 January 2018
Typographic letters in the Philippines
Recommendations for translating your evidence into something that will influence policy making.
8 January 2018
Children running
After a busy 2017, here is what Bond and our partners would like to see happen in 2018.
4 January 2018
Survey in Dadaab camp, Kenya
Recommendations for productive partnerships between academics and NGOs, based on a new guide and toolkit.
28 November 2017
Medical Aid Films video projection
Medical Aid Films share their recommendations for creating an innovative organisational culture.
7 July 2017
In an ideal world, all evaluations would influence decision-making, improve practice and contribute to wider sector knowledge. NGOs need to commit to using learning to change.
27 June 2017
NGOs, DFID, the Charity Commission and safeguarding experts have made a joint-commitment to improve safeguarding standards, following the Safeguarding Summit on 5 March 2018.
20 March 2018
A joint letter from 22 UK charities announcing a series of measures to improve safeguarding.
23 February 2018
Shipping containers
Mergers, relocations and other organisational structural changes can help INGOs to survive and thrive in a challenging environment.
7 February 2018
Team meeting
As staff in the development sector are susceptible to unique forms of stress, the FIND Network provides recommendations for creating a supportive workplace.
27 September 2017
Silhouettes of meeting
Joe Saxton shares tips on how to have a high-functioning group of trustees, based on his experience of chairing five charities.
4 July 2017
An aeroplane landing in Kenya
NGOs have a duty of care to reduce risk to their employees through assessment, informed decision making and preparation.
30 March 2017
Man and woman looking at a C.V. during a job interview
Advice and best practice on NGO job applications and interviews.
23 November 2016
Nick Hurd MP
Nick Hurd MP has been appointed as a Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for International Development following the resignation from government of the Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP.
28 November 2015
Young refugee at Keleti train station in Budapest
In a joint letter, the heads of more than two dozen NGOs call on David Cameron to approach the new year with 'new resolve to address the appalling plight of refugees in Europe.'
4 January 2016
Speakers at a panel discussion hosted by Malaria Consortium
The World Health Organisation has launched the 2015 World Malaria Report, and Malaria Consortium hosted a panel discussion to look at what the EU can do to support malaria elimination within the timescale of the SDGs.
14 December 2015
Stack of euro coins
Many EU countries, including the Netherlands, Italy, Cyprus, and Portugal are exaggerating their aid spending by including "inflated aid", money spent in their own countries, in their official aid figures.
24 November 2015
Stacked pound coins
The French parliament has adopted a proposal to allocate 50% of the Financial Transaction Tax to the country's development budget, bringing to an end four years of cuts.
22 October 2015
UNHCR tents at a refugee camp in Iraq
EU heads of government have agreed a package of measures in response to the refugee crisis, including greater assistance to countries currently supporting large numbers of refugees, and increased funding for the UN refugee agency.
24 September 2015
European Year for Development | #EYD2015
On Tuesday 16 June Bond will host a breakfast briefing event as part of the European Year for Development, featuring a Q&A with Linda McAvan MEP.
15 June 2015
Tools behind a blank notepad
Bond ran a session at this year's European Development Days, focusing on how we can develop a narrative that builds public support. Tom Baker tells us his three key points
11 June 2015
Clandestine boat wreck in Lampedusa
Leigh Daynes explains why a permanent political solution is integral to ending Europe's largest migration crisis since World War II.
29 May 2015
Medical Aid Films video projection
Medical Aid Films share their recommendations for creating an innovative organisational culture.
7 July 2017
We need to embrace failure in the workplace if we want to innovate. Here are three tips on using failure to succeed.
11 May 2017
Market in Ethiopia
Polling shows that although there are daunting problems many people in sub-Saharan Africa have significant hope for the future.
20 April 2017
Women carrying water from stepwell near Jaipur
The 21st century has seen new types of business models emerge as NGOs react to changes affecting them and their audiences.
19 April 2017
Girl using mobile phone
The huge expansion in mobile usage is paving the way for better service delivery and increased transparency.
13 April 2017
Future factory
The poorer the country, the more susceptible it is to job losses through automation. NGOs must ensure that new ways of working don't adversely affect the world's poorest.
31 March 2017
The open source, decentralised database blockchain allows donors, aid agencies, NGOs and beneficiaries to operate transparent, agile and open networks
16 March 2017
Wavy abstract design
Although new technology offers great potential for humanitarian and development work, more needs to be done to develop ethical standards.
15 March 2017

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