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Man sits next to sign in Tortola after Hurricane Irma
The current model of humanitarian funding often means money arrives too late. Other models could offer improvement.
21 March 2018
NGOs, DFID, the Charity Commission and safeguarding experts have made a joint-commitment to improve safeguarding standards, following the Safeguarding Summit on 5 March 2018.
20 March 2018
UK and EU flags outside the Houses of Parliament
A new UK "non-paper" outlines, for the first time, specifics on potential future UK-EU development cooperation post-Brexit.
15 March 2018
Girl playing with kite in refugee camp, Bangladesh
DFID's new strategy to promote gender equality globally sets out an ambitious approach for itself and others to accelerate progress in empowering women and girls.
15 March 2018
Tamsyn Barton at Bond Awards
Tamsyn Barton steps down as CEO of the UK network for organisations working in international development.
13 March 2018
Children receiving drinking water in Mogadishu, Somalia
Ahead of a humanitarian funding event in London, Alexander Carnwath looks at how aid and resilience programmes are having an impact in Somalia.
5 March 2018
A joint letter from 22 UK charities announcing a series of measures to improve safeguarding.
23 February 2018
Baroness Stowell
The government has confirmed that it will appoint Baroness Stowell as chair of the Charity Commission of England and Wales, despite criticism of the appointment from a cross party committee of MPs.
22 February 2018
Woman carrying placard
With the Lobbying Act now in force here's what you need to know to help you campaign within the rules.
5 May 2017
Houses of Parliament
The Prime Minister has called an early election to take place on 8 June 2017. We encourage organisations to familiarise themselves with the guidance on the Lobbying Act.
18 April 2017
Google AdWords
3 billion people use Google every day - the free Grants programme can increase visibility, volunteers and donations.
3 April 2017
Two Guatemalan women walking back to the village to bring the wood collected to cook dinner for the family.
Research from the Aid Attitude Tracker tracks public engagement towards global poverty. Overall, there has been a steady decline in participation. To sustain the UK’s role on global poverty, we need to be aware of trends and develop a new approach.
15 November 2016
People walking quickly
Find out more about our party conference events this year, which will focus on the future of international development post Brexit.
13 September 2016
The word reflect made out of bunting
Being a campaigner is hard work: the challenges are big and the world is changing apace. Alice shares her thoughts on how campaigners can avoid a burnout.
11 August 2016
Six hands making the peace sign
Changing people's behaviour is difficult. Alice Delemare shares some behavioural psychology tips for campaigners, gathered at a recent CharityComms event.
2 August 2016
Theresa May speaking at the Girl Summit in 2014
Bond's Political Affairs Adviser, Ali Louis discusses some priority areas that the new government should focus on if Britain is to continue to play a leading role in helping the world's poorest people.
28 July 2016
People in a field
At the risk of championing another buzzword that becomes meaningless after it’s been used in a thousand proposals, community foundations may offer an alternative to the top-down approach to development that many want to disrupt.
4 October 2016
Rt Hon Priti Patel, Secretary of State for International Development
Yesterday the new International Development Secretary faced Parliament for the first time; here is Bond's round up of DFID orals and her session with the International Development Committee.
14 September 2016
Graphic with thinking heads
Despite significant NGO investment in monitoring, learning and evaluation, the outputs rarely make it into the public domain. New research explains why.
15 December 2015
Go to jail square on monopoly board
While the UK has taken a lead on tackling corruption at home and overseas this year, it must get its own house in order to ensure its efforts are not wasted, according to the Bond Anti-corruption Group.
9 December 2015
Transparent laptop screens
Oxfam, Fairtrade International and BBC Media Action were the top performers in the 2015 Transparency Review of 48 organisations.
1 December 2015
Open sign hanging in a window
More governments becoming "sustainably more transparent, more accountable, and more responsive to their own citizens" sounds good to me. But it's an ambitious vision.
18 November 2015
Pile of used floppy disks
The International Aid Transparency Initiative Standard allows organisations to increase transparency, share information, and improve internal processes. But there are significant technical challenges. IATI Boost could help you overcome these.
5 October 2015
People in Kigali discussing their priorities for the post-2015 agenda
The UK secretary of state for international development announced her department as an anchor partner for the new Global Partnership on Sustainable Development and an additional £16m of World Bank support.
29 September 2015
Now more than ever the sector needs NGO leaders that focus on impact. Bond provides insights on leadership and impact from its effectiveness programme.
21 December 2016
Child's hands under running water
This blog series presents perspectives on the meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation. Part 4 is by WaterAid's Clare Battle, and looks development effectiveness when it comes to water, sanitation and hygiene.
28 November 2016
Women at food stall in Nairobi
This blog series presents perspectives on the upcoming meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation. Part 3 is by Gideon Rabinowitz from Oxfam, and looks at the sustainability and transformative potential of the UK's aid.
24 November 2016
Women selling fruit and vegetables near Nairobi.
This blog series presents perspectives on the upcoming meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation. Part 2 is by Dr Fanwell Kenala Bo AFRODAD Executive Director and looks at implementing development effectiveness in Africa
24 November 2016
Small child walking through a field
This blog series presents perspectives on the upcoming meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation. Part 1 is by Amy Dodd, Director at UK Aid Network and looks at aid effectiveness and what we can do to see progress.
24 November 2016
keyboard glasses and headset
For many NGOs, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the foundation of their strategy to engage, serve and retain supporters and stakeholders.
11 November 2016
School of fish
The SDGs are an integrated package of goals and targets that should be delivered for all people in all countries. Never before has a global agreement been so encompassing and had such potential to drive change.
31 October 2016
hand holding grain, other hands reaching out
This year, Concord’s annual Aid Watch report finds that despite 2015’s high profile summits on sustainable development and finance for development EU aid is backsliding.
26 October 2016
Convoy in Sudan
InterHealth and ILS have entered into a partnership to provide humanitarian and development organisations with a holistic solution to the challenges of managing staff care.
14 September 2015
Martin Horwood
Development Initiatives has announced the appointment of Martin Horwood, former member of parliament for Cheltenham, as its new Director of Engagement and Impact.
6 August 2015
Gillian Caldwell
Global Witness has appointed award-winning campaigner and film-maker Gillian Caldwell as its new Executive Director.
27 July 2015
Andrew Norton
The International Institute for Environment and Development has appointed Dr Andrew Norton as director.
6 July 2015
Build Africa logo
Build Africa announces Marie Stopes International's Linda Edwards as its new Chief Executive Officer.
15 June 2015
Three university students studying in library
Bond has launched an immersive one-year traineeship programme across Bonds extensive range of expertise
15 June 2015
Girish Menon
ActionAid UK has today announced the appointment of WaterAid's Girish Menon as its new Chief Executive Officer.
9 June 2015
European Development Days
European Development Days is taking place in Brussels next week and we'll be hosting a session on the development narrative.
28 May 2015
Ahead of the Foreign Affairs Council on Development on 26 May, the negotiations on the EUs position on Financing for Development and aid are almost finalised. However, the EU is yet to agree to recommit to any of the aid targets.
19 May 2015
Bond Associate Fabienne Poulet discusses how to stay ahead of the game when it comes to funding opportunities from EuropeAid, and where you can find them when they're published.
13 May 2015
A new paper from CONCORD lays out recommendations for EU decision makers for an ambitious framework to finance the sustainable development goals (SDGs).
18 March 2015
Today Bond launches a report on the EU budget 2014-2020 for NGOs. Taken together, the EU and its member states are the world's largest donor of official development assistance.
19 January 2015
Antsirabe, Madagascar
A new Eurobarometer survey revealed today that 67% of the UK public think that the EU and its governments should increase aid – up seven percentage points since 2013.
12 January 2015
Imran A. Khan, chief global technical lead at Sightsavers, discusses how balancing space for experimenting with delivering projects is key to being an innovative organisation.
8 February 2017
Planning futures
Koy Thomson, chief executive of Children in Crisis, on innovative business models and why the sector needs to be challenged more.
1 February 2017
Multi coloured modern architecture
At a recent meeting of the Bond Futures and Innovation Group, participants explored business model innovation and how to go about it.
24 January 2017
Drone flying on horizon
In January 2016 our experts predicted a range of trends for the year. We look at which ones are starting to be realised and what they mean for international development. 
5 January 2017
Volunteers in a school
Restless Development share their experiences of making innovation a key part of their organisation, strategy and staff development.
4 January 2017
Boy in wheelchair
Richard Frost, CEO of Motivation, discusses the organisation's social enterprise approach to providing more wheelchairs to developing countries.
12 December 2016
hand holding grain, other hands reaching out
This year, Concord’s annual Aid Watch report finds that despite 2015’s high profile summits on sustainable development and finance for development EU aid is backsliding.
26 October 2016
farmers with hay
The Sustainable Development Goals have provided the global community with a platform to end poverty & hunger by 2030, however the Global Hunger Index has revealed that despite progress, at the current rate we will not be able to end hunger by 2030.
24 October 2016

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