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Caroline Nursey
Caroline Nursey, executive director of BBC Media Action, has been elected as chair of Bond.
28 September 2017
Team meeting
As staff in the development sector are susceptible to unique forms of stress, the FIND Network provides recommendations for creating a supportive workplace.
27 September 2017
Man in Myanmar
The SDGs have the potential to transform our world, but whether we manage to achieve these goals depends on the political will to implement them.
25 September 2017
Peace march in Boston
A lasting peace isn't just achieved with a treaty or settlement, it requires a rebuilding of trust and a shared vision.
21 September 2017
Delegate using virtual reality at event
Virtual reality immerses viewers in the story and is already being used by a number of international development agencies.
20 September 2017
Copacabana, Bolivia
SDG 17 - "strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development" - recognises that civil society, business and governments need to work together to achieve the SDGs.
18 September 2017
The Cabinet Office has said it will make no changes to the Lobbying Act. Charity bodies are concerned this amounts to a blanket rejection of recommendations made by a government-commissioned review, led by the Conservative peer Lord Hodgson.
15 September 2017
Radio broadcast DDRRR radio station
A grassroots approach to storytelling can yield positive results for both the individual and the NGO that works with them.
13 September 2017
Google AdWords
3 billion people use Google every day - the free Grants programme can increase visibility, volunteers and donations.
3 April 2017
Two Guatemalan women walking back to the village to bring the wood collected to cook dinner for the family.
Research from the Aid Attitude Tracker tracks public engagement towards global poverty. Overall, there has been a steady decline in participation. To sustain the UK’s role on global poverty, we need to be aware of trends and develop a new approach.
15 November 2016
People walking quickly
Find out more about our party conference events this year, which will focus on the future of international development post Brexit.
13 September 2016
The word reflect made out of bunting
Being a campaigner is hard work: the challenges are big and the world is changing apace. Alice shares her thoughts on how campaigners can avoid a burnout.
11 August 2016
Six hands making the peace sign
Changing people's behaviour is difficult. Alice Delemare shares some behavioural psychology tips for campaigners, gathered at a recent CharityComms event.
2 August 2016
Theresa May speaking at the Girl Summit in 2014
Bond's Political Affairs Adviser, Ali Louis discusses some priority areas that the new government should focus on if Britain is to continue to play a leading role in helping the world's poorest people.
28 July 2016
Question mark on a typewriter
Bond's Head of Campaigns, Tom Baker, shares the questions he thinks he should be asking himself more regularly.
15 July 2016
Blue exit sign in German and English
It’s been a difficult few weeks. With the future uncertain after the Brexit vote, Tom Baker offers some advice for campaigners.
4 July 2016
Market in Oromia, Ethiopia
13 recommendations to improve the guidelines used by countries and civil society to report on progress made on the Sustainable Development Goals.
11 January 2017
Small child walking through a field
This blog series presents perspectives on the upcoming meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation. Part 1 is by Amy Dodd, Director at UK Aid Network and looks at aid effectiveness and what we can do to see progress.
24 November 2016
Children playing soccer
Since the signing of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) last year, countries have been getting to grips with this new, deeply ambitious agenda. The HLPF in July this year was the first chance to see what progress countries are making.
17 November 2016
Palace of Westminster
The House of Commons International Development Select Committee (IDC) has published a report on its inquiry into DFID’s work on tackling corruption overseas.
25 October 2016
People in a field
At the risk of championing another buzzword that becomes meaningless after it’s been used in a thousand proposals, community foundations may offer an alternative to the top-down approach to development that many want to disrupt.
4 October 2016
Rt Hon Priti Patel, Secretary of State for International Development
Yesterday the new International Development Secretary faced Parliament for the first time; here is Bond's round up of DFID orals and her session with the International Development Committee.
14 September 2016
Graphic with thinking heads
Despite significant NGO investment in monitoring, learning and evaluation, the outputs rarely make it into the public domain. New research explains why.
15 December 2015
Go to jail square on monopoly board
While the UK has taken a lead on tackling corruption at home and overseas this year, it must get its own house in order to ensure its efforts are not wasted, according to the Bond Anti-corruption Group.
9 December 2015
Cash and vouchers being handed out in Nigeria
In response to criticisms of cash transfers we've rounded up some recent resources and opinions from social media showing their effectiveness.
4 January 2017
Now more than ever the sector needs NGO leaders that focus on impact. Bond provides insights on leadership and impact from its effectiveness programme.
21 December 2016
Child's hands under running water
This blog series presents perspectives on the meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation. Part 4 is by WaterAid's Clare Battle, and looks development effectiveness when it comes to water, sanitation and hygiene.
28 November 2016
Women at food stall in Nairobi
This blog series presents perspectives on the upcoming meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation. Part 3 is by Gideon Rabinowitz from Oxfam, and looks at the sustainability and transformative potential of the UK's aid.
24 November 2016
Women selling fruit and vegetables near Nairobi.
This blog series presents perspectives on the upcoming meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation. Part 2 is by Dr Fanwell Kenala Bo AFRODAD Executive Director and looks at implementing development effectiveness in Africa
24 November 2016
Small child walking through a field
This blog series presents perspectives on the upcoming meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation. Part 1 is by Amy Dodd, Director at UK Aid Network and looks at aid effectiveness and what we can do to see progress.
24 November 2016
keyboard glasses and headset
For many NGOs, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the foundation of their strategy to engage, serve and retain supporters and stakeholders.
11 November 2016
School of fish
The SDGs are an integrated package of goals and targets that should be delivered for all people in all countries. Never before has a global agreement been so encompassing and had such potential to drive change.
31 October 2016
Christine Stegling profile
Christine Stegling will replace Alvaro Bermejo as executive director of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance when he steps down at the end of November 2015.
12 October 2015
Islamic Relief logo
Jehangir Malik, UK director of Islamic Relief, will be leaving the charity at the end of the month after 23 years at the organisation and eight years at its helm.
25 September 2015
Scotland’s international development network, NIDOS, has announced the appointment of Jane Salmonson as its new chief executive officer.
23 September 2015
Harriet Lamb portrait
Peacebuilding NGO, International Alert has announced the appointment of Harriet Lamb as its new chief executive officer. Lamb will take up the post on 16 November.
15 September 2015
Convoy in Sudan
InterHealth and ILS have entered into a partnership to provide humanitarian and development organisations with a holistic solution to the challenges of managing staff care.
14 September 2015
Martin Horwood
Development Initiatives has announced the appointment of Martin Horwood, former member of parliament for Cheltenham, as its new Director of Engagement and Impact.
6 August 2015
Gillian Caldwell
Global Witness has appointed award-winning campaigner and film-maker Gillian Caldwell as its new Executive Director.
27 July 2015
Andrew Norton
The International Institute for Environment and Development has appointed Dr Andrew Norton as director.
6 July 2015
Stack of euro coins
Many EU countries, including the Netherlands, Italy, Cyprus, and Portugal are exaggerating their aid spending by including "inflated aid", money spent in their own countries, in their official aid figures.
24 November 2015
Stacked pound coins
The French parliament has adopted a proposal to allocate 50% of the Financial Transaction Tax to the country's development budget, bringing to an end four years of cuts.
22 October 2015
UNHCR tents at a refugee camp in Iraq
EU heads of government have agreed a package of measures in response to the refugee crisis, including greater assistance to countries currently supporting large numbers of refugees, and increased funding for the UN refugee agency.
24 September 2015
European Year for Development | #EYD2015
On Tuesday 16 June Bond will host a breakfast briefing event as part of the European Year for Development, featuring a Q&A with Linda McAvan MEP.
15 June 2015
Tools behind a blank notepad
Bond ran a session at this year's European Development Days, focusing on how we can develop a narrative that builds public support. Tom Baker tells us his three key points
11 June 2015
Clandestine boat wreck in Lampedusa
Leigh Daynes explains why a permanent political solution is integral to ending Europe's largest migration crisis since World War II.
29 May 2015
European Development Days
European Development Days is taking place in Brussels next week and we'll be hosting a session on the development narrative.
28 May 2015
Ahead of the Foreign Affairs Council on Development on 26 May, the negotiations on the EUs position on Financing for Development and aid are almost finalised. However, the EU is yet to agree to recommit to any of the aid targets.
19 May 2015
Girl using mobile phone
The huge expansion in mobile usage is paving the way for better service delivery and increased transparency.
13 April 2017
Future factory
The poorer the country, the more susceptible it is to job losses through automation. NGOs must ensure that new ways of working don't adversely affect the world's poorest.
31 March 2017
The open source, decentralised database blockchain allows donors, aid agencies, NGOs and beneficiaries to operate transparent, agile and open networks
16 March 2017
Wavy abstract design
Although new technology offers great potential for humanitarian and development work, more needs to be done to develop ethical standards.
15 March 2017
Robot in futuristic factory
Bond's Futures and Innovation Group explores tools and emerging technologies that could revolutionise NGOs' impact.
8 March 2017
Imran A. Khan, chief global technical lead at Sightsavers, discusses how balancing space for experimenting with delivering projects is key to being an innovative organisation.
8 February 2017
Planning futures
Koy Thomson, chief executive of Children in Crisis, on innovative business models and why the sector needs to be challenged more.
1 February 2017
Multi coloured modern architecture
At a recent meeting of the Bond Futures and Innovation Group, participants explored business model innovation and how to go about it.
24 January 2017

In brief

PM Commons statement on European Council

Prime Minister Theresa May gave a statement to Parliament on the issues addressed at the March EU Council meeting and next steps in preparing to trigger Article 50.

HM Government 14 March 2017

Letter of the Day: Overseas aid is worth every penny

Midwives who volunteered in Tanzania write about how UK overseas aid can make a difference for midwives, mothers and their babies.

Evening Standard 7 March 2017

Brexit - Disadvantage or advantage for the Global South?

This Brussels Symposium on 7th March explores perspectives on the European crises from the Global South, including the possible implications that may emerge from Brexit.

Development and Peace Foundation 3 March 2017

Brexit reading list: legal and constitutional issues

The Commons Library has compiled, from a wide range of sources, a selection of analysis and comment relevant to the UK's forthcoming withdrawal from the European Union.

HoC Library 28 February 2017

Brexit, Trump and the implications for development

Amid the rise in right-wing populism and increasingly isolationist policies, guest speakers examine the possible causes and implications for conflict and security, trade, migration and social justice around the world.

IDS 23 February 2017

A manifesto for a Greener UK

This is a pivotal moment for the environment. We need to secure the benefits of existing environmental laws as we leave the EU, and an ambitious Environment Act, which restores our natural commonwealth.  

Greener UK 22 February 2017

Reframing development in a dynamic global era

Development cannot rely on old, aid-related paradigms nor on their simplistic solutions. It must become both more universal and more transformative, while remaining grounded in the diverse realities of people's lives and their aspirations.

IDS Bulletin 26 July 2016

Have development impact bonds (DIBs) moved beyond the hype?

When DIBs were first discussed about three years ago, there was quite a bit of excitement. While some enthusiasm may still exist, initial experiences have brought expectations down to earth.

Devex 26 July 2016

Humanitarian Investment Fund

A one-page plan to save Australians billions, improve lives, and end offshore detention.

CGD 26 July 2016

How green bonds will become mainstream

What needs to happen before environmentally friendly investments can become an established part of the market?

SSIR 26 July 2016

Let’s talk about overheads

Overheads exist, so when approaching grantmakers for core funding, it’s vital that charities are able to measure, and convey to the funder, the real cost of the work they do.

Charity Choice 18 July 2016

NASA and USAID pioneer the use of space technologies for development efforts

SERVIR leverages data from space to improve environmental decision-making in 30 developing countries.

Devex 11 July 2016

Learning from the past to shape the future: lessons from the history of humanitarian action in Africa

In order to understand the state of humanitarian action today, an understanding of the evolution and history of humanitarian action in conflict and disasters in sub-Saharan Africa is essential.

ODI 19 October 2016

Fully engaging the private sector in health systems development

Ron Askin on why public sector, private sector, and hybrid public-private partnerships must all participate to ensure a properly functioning health care system.

DevEx 11 October 2016

Haiti: 5 things to remember when battling in a monster storm

In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, Unni Krishnan highlights five key things to remember during the relief and recovery effort in Haiti.

Save the Children 11 October 2016

Four myths about mental health in development

Jessica Mackenzie debunks some misguided assumptions that get in the way of the development sector investing in mental health.

ODI 7 October 2016

Brexit: implications for climate change commitments

ODI outlines how the commitments necessary to ensure that the goals of the Paris Agreement can be met will be affected by the UK leaving the EU.

ODI 30 September 2016

Why is it so hard for academics and NGOs to work together?

Reflections on how academia can do better in forging partnerships with international NGOs.

Oxfam 29 September 2016

Fortunes for the fortunate – all 62 of them

In the run up to the World Economic Forum Deborah Hardoon, Deputy Head of Research, introduces Oxfam's latest inequality data and shares her personal reflections from two years of work on these shocking statistics.

Oxfam Policy & Practice 18 January 2016

100 key research questions for the post-2015 development agenda

100 research questions for the post-2015 international development agenda.

Wiley Online Library 16 December 2015

Climate extremes and poverty

Drought risk in Mali, heatwaves in India and typhoons in Philippines – three detailed case studies look at the relationship between climate change, disasters and poverty.

ODI 3 December 2015

Britain's youth at risk of being 'lost generation', warns equality report

Equality and Human Rights Commission says under-34s have seen steepest drops in pay and employment in the past five years.

The Guardian 30 October 2015

New Paper on Innovative Monitoring Approach to Development Assistance

The Asia Foundation has launched the third paper in the Working Politically in Practice series. Strategy Testing: An Innovative Approach to Monitoring Highly Flexible Aid Programs makes an important contribution to the current debate by outlining an innovative monitoring system called Strategy Testing.

The Asia Foundation 28 October 2015

Conflict drives 'alarming' global hunger, report shows

Conflict is "development in reverse" and a key factor that is leaving almost 800 million without enough food, the 2015 Global Hunger Index has concluded.

BBC News 13 October 2015

Deal makes money transfers in difficult areas easier for NGOs

Western Union Business Solutions and Bond have announced a partnership to provide international NGOs with access to a global payment solutions service to help them get money where it is needed, when it is needed.

Charity Digital News 23 May 2016

Does payment by results dehumanise aid work or encourage success?

Oxfam, Swift Consortium and Opportunity International share their experiences of running Payment by Results programmes.

The Guardian 26 April 2016

Payment by results in aid: hype or hope?

Is payment by results just the most recent over-hyped solution for development, or is it an effective incentive for accelerating change? Duncan Green discusses.

The Guardian 12 April 2016

Six reasons taxpayers can be proud of UK aid

Following alarmist tabloid headlines, Ben Jackson shares six reasons taxpayers can be proud of UK aid.

The Guardian 30 March 2016

Payment by Results hasn’t produced much in the way of results, but aid donors are doing it anyway. Why?

Duncan Green looks at the contrast between how quickly payment by results has spread through the aid world and how little evidence there is that it actually works.

From poverty to power 23 March 2016

IATI’s first Governing Board is established

IATI has a newly established Governing Board following a month long process of consultation and nomination. Sarah Johns will join the new board as the representative of Bond.

IATI 23 March 2016

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