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Views of cities lit up at night from space
24 May 2019
Exploring the ethical questions surrounding how we use data to provide effective humanitarian assistance.
Women collecting wood in Sierra Leone
23 May 2019
The government's main messages from the Voluntary National Review, due to be delivered on 14 June, are welcome but lack detail and specificity.
British newspapers
22 May 2019
Understanding how people use and view different media outlets can help NGOs tell their stories more effectively.
Riverside designed as a boat and Refugees Welcome written on wall
16 May 2019
Classing spending on in-donor refugee support as ODA distorts reporting and gives a misleading picture of the true amount countries are spending on aid.
Children in school in Myanmar
14 May 2019
Some key areas for the new secretary of state for international development, including the SDGs, safeguarding and the future UK-EU development relationship.
EU flag in front of Westminster
9 May 2019
An update on the Brexit situation and what we want to see from the negotiations to ensure the best deal for the world's poorest people.
Lighthouse on field
8 May 2019
An update on the action that Bond and its members are taking to improve the sector’s approach to eradicating sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment and unacceptable abuses of power.
8 May 2019
Nine recommendations for better advocacy, based on the experience of a campaign coordinating efforts to make the case for aid.
Children in school in Zambia raising their hands
7 January 2019
Behaviour change campaigns can make a real difference if tailored for the right audiences and their needs.
Rohingya refugee children participate in recreational activities in a Child Friendly Space run by Save The Children.
2 January 2019
Some of the policy areas that Bond will be working on in 2019 and the changes we'd like to see happen in them.
Mims Davies
7 November 2018
The MP for Eastleigh has been appointed minister for sport and civil society.
Speakers at Bond's event at the Conference Party Conference
4 October 2018
A round up of the key international development speeches from the Conservative Party Conference, as well as details of Bond's packed fringe event with Penny Mordaunt.
Delegates listening at Labour Party Conference
27 September 2018
A roundup of the international development issues discussed at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool.
Coffee cups
20 September 2018
Party conference season is back - here are some tips to get you through it and make the most of the advocacy opportunities.
Conference centre
20 September 2018
Listing the fringe events being hosted by Bond members and allies at the Labour and Conservative party conferences in September.
People marching down Whitehall against public expenditure cuts
14 September 2018
Highlights from the House of Lords' debate on how charity campaigning and democracy are restricted by the Lobbying Act.
Computer monitor numbers
7 September 2017
Blockchain technology is predicted to be a disruptive force over the coming years. Here are some examples of how it's already being used in the international development sector.
Complaint box for corruption
9 August 2017
David Mears, solicitor at MDY Legal, on what NGOs need to know about the Bribery Act.
27 June 2017
In an ideal world, all evaluations would influence decision-making, improve practice and contribute to wider sector knowledge. NGOs need to commit to using learning to change.
UK aid being unloaded
7 April 2017
An increase in aid during turbulent times is welcome but it is important that government departments have a rigorous focus on effectiveness, accountability and transparency.
16 March 2017
There are other ways to build trust in organisations rather than just increasing transparency requirements.
16 March 2017
The open source, decentralised database blockchain allows donors, aid agencies, NGOs and beneficiaries to operate transparent, agile and open networks
End Corruption sign in Uganda
23 January 2017
There is no quick fix to overcoming corruption in aid but there are some things we can do better - here are six suggestions for where to begin.
Corruption is deadly sign in Uganda
17 January 2017
With corruption being used as a reason to attack aid efforts, we look at how corruption affects development and what NGOs should consider to overcome it.
Lighthouse by the sea
8 February 2019
Some of the ways the aid sector has stepped up to prevent exploitation, abuse and harassment over the past 12 months.
Silhouette of road sign
7 February 2019
NGO leaders need to make brave decisions in order to adapt and evolve for the future.
Children in school in Zambia raising their hands
7 January 2019
Behaviour change campaigns can make a real difference if tailored for the right audiences and their needs.
Swirl of barracuda
11 December 2018
Penny Lawrence looks at the structural and cultural changes multi-mandate NGOs can make to keep up with future trends.
Doctor examining a baby being held by a woman
4 December 2018
Following a call from 22 NGOs, the House of Lords passed an amendment to a bill which exempts aid workers from prosecution after travelling to fragile states.
Fish on coral on Great Barrier Reef
8 November 2018
Oxfam GB's former deputy chief executive discusses the challenges facing big international development charities and shares her insights into how they can remain relevant.
Women at community meeting holding paper
30 October 2018
Recommendations for building more equitable research partnerships that can have a real world impact.
Lighthouse in the sun
19 October 2018
Key announcements, themes and actions from DFID's summit to prevent sexual exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment in the aid sector. 
Safeguarding Conference
23 August 2018
Bond members came together to work on what we need to create sustainable sector-wide solutions to safeguarding.
Houses of Parliament
31 July 2018
Despite the sector's progress on safeguarding, the International Development Committee's inquiry calls for a stronger response to sexual exploitation and abuse.
Marathon start
30 July 2018
How do today’s INGO leaders decide when radical change is required, and when to recommit to long-held values and ways of working?
Children in Rwanda
18 July 2018
Navigating linguistic issues is crucial for NGOs to work successfully, but language is often ignored or under-invested in.
Tea fields
13 June 2018
An update on what Bond, NGOs and the government have been doing to ensure the sector protects people from abuse, holds abusers to account and encourages those affected to report incidents.
Lighthouse shining a beam for a boat
17 May 2018
We provided evidence to the International Development Committee on the action Bond and our members are taking to improve the sector’s approach to safeguarding.
20 March 2018
NGOs, DFID, the Charity Commission and safeguarding experts have made a joint-commitment to improve safeguarding standards, following the Safeguarding Summit on 5 March 2018.
23 February 2018
A joint letter from 22 UK charities announcing a series of measures to improve safeguarding.
People walking quickly
13 September 2016
Find out more about our party conference events this year, which will focus on the future of international development post Brexit.
farmers in India
31 August 2016
Given the uncertainty around the UK’s future relationship with the EU, and the knock-on effect on the farmers and workers in developing countries who rely on exports for their livelihoods, how do we make trade sustainable for vulnerable economies?
Polling station
22 June 2016
During the final day of campaigning, we must encourage everyone to have their say and make sure our supporters consider the impact of their vote on tackling global challenges, says Bond's chief executive, Ben Jackson.
Woman in Côte d’Ivoire
27 January 2016
Linda McAvan MEP reflects on the European Year of Development and explains why the EU has a vital role to play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
Young refugee at Keleti train station in Budapest
4 January 2016
In a joint letter, the heads of more than two dozen NGOs call on David Cameron to approach the new year with 'new resolve to address the appalling plight of refugees in Europe.'
Speakers at a panel discussion hosted by Malaria Consortium
14 December 2015
The World Health Organisation has launched the 2015 World Malaria Report, and Malaria Consortium hosted a panel discussion to look at what the EU can do to support malaria elimination within the timescale of the SDGs.
Stack of euro coins
24 November 2015
Many EU countries, including the Netherlands, Italy, Cyprus, and Portugal are exaggerating their aid spending by including "inflated aid", money spent in their own countries, in their official aid figures.
Stacked pound coins
22 October 2015
The French parliament has adopted a proposal to allocate 50% of the Financial Transaction Tax to the country's development budget, bringing to an end four years of cuts.
Computer monitor numbers
7 September 2017
Blockchain technology is predicted to be a disruptive force over the coming years. Here are some examples of how it's already being used in the international development sector.
Woman looking out to sea
30 August 2017
Conflict, climate change, the rise of new aid actors – the world will be quite different in 15 years’ time. New research suggests how INGOs can remain relevant in the aid sector of the future.
Aerial highway
24 July 2017
Research shows that organisations and leaders who take a long-term view outperform those who don't. What can you do to improve your future-thinking?
Medical Aid Films video projection
7 July 2017
Medical Aid Films share their recommendations for creating an innovative organisational culture.
11 May 2017
We need to embrace failure in the workplace if we want to innovate. Here are three tips on using failure to succeed.
Market in Ethiopia
20 April 2017
Polling shows that although there are daunting problems many people in sub-Saharan Africa have significant hope for the future.
Women carrying water from stepwell near Jaipur
19 April 2017
The 21st century has seen new types of business models emerge as NGOs react to changes affecting them and their audiences.
Girl using mobile phone
13 April 2017
The huge expansion in mobile usage is paving the way for better service delivery and increased transparency.

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