How do we plan for an uncertain future? 

How can we plan for future shocks to the sector? 

9 October 2019

Duncan Green is a senior strategic adviser at Oxfam GB.

He is also a respected author, writing books such as How Change Happens and From Poverty to Power: How Active Citizens and Effective States can Change the World. He is also the editor of the From Poverty to Power blog. 

Duncan recently stopped by the Bond offices to discuss a range of topics such as strategy, sector shocks, what makes an effective NGO and localisation. 

We took the opportunity to ask his thoughts on the future of the sector and the shocks which could disrupt the external environment:

  • Is there room for optimism when planning for the future?
  • What “big shocks” could provoke change in international development?
  • What are the big questions for international development?

Watch our Q&A below.