Websites using IATI data

There are a growing number of websites and visualisations that use or include IATI data. If you know of others, please let us know at [email protected]

Donor examples

Development Tracker (DFID)

Information and visualisations about DFID’s spending overseas. Includes information on NGOs who receive DFID funding, including project information such as logframes. NB. If your organisation is receives DFID funding but is not appearing on development tracker and you think it should be, please send an email to [email protected].

Open Aid Netherlands (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of the Netherlands)

Visualises every development aid project financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and reported as open data to the IATI registry.

NGO examples

Oxfam Atlas (Oxfam Novib)

Regularly updated website using Oxfam Novib’s IATI data to create a project database. Used for external communications and also staff have a login that allows them to access internal documents relating to each project.


Visualisation of Dutch NGO Cordaid’s IATI data in a project database. NB. This also uses Akvo’s RSR (Really Simple Reporting) platform.

Southern partner government examples

Mohinga (Myanmar government)

Uses a mix of IATI and other data sources. Visualises aid from bilateral and multilateral donors at national and provincial level. Aimed primarily at development cooperation partners (NGOs, partner governments) and citizens (available in English and Burmese).

General examples (Development Initiatives)

Visualisations of IATI data by country and by publisher. Includes widget to add into your own website. Beta version, some issues with data showing correctly. If your data is affected, please contact Development Initiatives directly at [email protected]

Open Aid Search (Akvo)

Visualisations of all data on the IATI Registry. Fairly slow to load and appears that the last upload of data was November 2014, so if your organisation published after this date, it may not appear.

AidData (Development Gateway/College of William and Mary/Brigham Young University)

Brings together different data sources on aid flows, including IATI, DAC CRS, remittances, World Bank data. Visualise by country and sector and by specialist areas such as climate change flows.

Aid Opener (Michael Medley, Thailand)

Visualises IATI data as a table, one publisher at a time. Choose the columns you want to see or use a default view. Still being developed (alpha version) but may prove a useful alternative to the Preview function in the IATI Registry. Known issues include cutting off project description and no ability to see/change the currency.

Development Data Hub (Development Initiatives)

Uses a mix of different data sources to visualise aid, poverty and development data.

Visualisation of IATI data on Mali (Publish What You Fund)