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Bond has over 40 working groups with more than 3,000 members, each focusing on key thematic areas in the development and humanitarian sector. 

Join these communities of practice to discuss challenges, share resources and network with other professionals. Groups meet online at present. Some groups also undertake advocacy and influence policy-making.

Connect during Covid-19

Bond’s working groups are continuing to convene online and share learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are some groups you can join to help your organisation and the sector respond to the crisis: 

  • Our funding-related working groups are working to influence DFID to relax their funding policies so NGOs can respond quickly to emerging challenges. A weekly update is posted through these groups.  
  • Join the Policy and Lobbying Group to find innovative ways to engage with political stakeholders and coordinate around key parliamentary processes. 
  • The Aid Effectiveness Group is monitoring the use of aid in the government’s Covid-19 response and discussing how the aid budget could be spent more effectively to reach the world’s poorest.
  • The Humanitarian Group is shaping advocacy asks to ensure humanitarian relief can best support measures to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on the most vulnerable countries. The Conflict Policy Group is exploring the issue of conflict sensitivity and Covid-19. 
  • The UK WASH Network is coordinating organisational responses and sharing learning relating to the virus.
  • The Small NGOs Group is sharing experiences and concerns around the instability and difficult decisions they face as organisations with already limited capacity. 
  • The Disability and Development Group is working with DFID to ensure a more inclusive Covid-19 response, and is regularly sharing practical advice, tools and suggestions.
  • Join the Sustainable Economic Development and/or the Sustainable Development Goals groups for bigger-picture policy conversations on the wider implications of the virus for developing countries and help develop recommendations we can all use in our advocacy with UK decision makers.
  • The Project Management Group is sharing knowledge, skills and tools to effectively and efficiently serve those who are in the most need

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Share learning and experience to help improve the practice of MEL

Drive the effectiveness of partnerships across the sector through shared learning and applying innovative models

Provide sector leadership on ethical approaches to gathering and using images

A space for people of colour to discuss issues, challenges and best practice, and to coordinate influencing.

Get political intelligence and insight on lobbying and campaigning related to UK aid issues

Leading the long-term policy discussions facing the aid and development sector.

Discuss issues, challenges and best practice related to project management in the international development sector

Discuss and share issues, challenges and best practice related to public fundraising

Explore ways of building long-term public support for development using a new narrative approach

Learn to drive enhanced resilience to natural and man-made disasters

An online space for members to share ideas, resources and good practice around safeguarding issues

Discuss the impact of sanctions and counter-terrorism regulations and engage with stakeholders to improve the regulatory framework

Get support and develop links with small NGOs to improve your knowledge and practice

Discuss issues related to the role of sport in international development

Influence the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals across the UK and internationally

A space for members to discuss and share learning around economic development.

Understand the impact that new technologies can have on people's lives and international development work

Understand and discuss the value of transparency for the international development sector

Exchange knowledge, enhance analysis and coordinate advocacy on water, sanitation and hygiene issues

Understand and debate the conceptualisation and application of Value for Money at programme and organisational levels