Innovation essentials

Get to grips with the key principles and stages of innovation, and practice using innovation techniques that can be incorporated into your organisation’s work to help you develop new and better solutions. Delivered in-house for your organisation.

This course provides a grounding in the key principles and stages of innovation, as well as the opportunity to practise using innovation techniques, tools and processes that can be incorporated into your everyday work to help you develop new ideas and better solutions. 

What will you learn?

You will learn a range of innovation techniques and processes to help you come up with better solutions, new ideas and more effective programmes. By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Introduce innovation techniques into your daily work and your organisation’s current practices
  • Find new ways to analyse and understand a problem
  • Understand your users and spot opportunitites to develop solutions that meet their needs
  • Develop new services or programmes
  • Generate more creative ideas to solve complex problems
  • Prototype, test and verify new ideas quickly and cheaply


  • An introduction to innovation: key concepts, principles and processes
  • Problem definition
  • Building empathy / capturing user insights
  • Creative idea generation
  • Introduction to prototyping
  • Identifying opportunities to incorporate innovation in your work


Photo of trainer Andy Young

Andy is a design and innovation consultant, an ideas person with a passion for start ups and entrepreneurship. He works across the private, public and third sector designing for customer experience.