United Edge

United Edge provides high quality, studio-produced, subsidized trainings in ideas and tools with transformative potential for programming and leadership. We work with humanitarians, development workers, social and environmental justice activists, and all those working for change -- from UN agencies and international charities to local grassroots organisations from around the world.

Our trainings bring a social justice lens to our sector called the Justice Based Approach, which is founded on human rights based approaches but fills its gaps around five key pillars or theories of change: accountability, decisions, systems, models, and actions. This model recognizes that all injustice is systemic, and the power dynamics of our sector are not fit for addressing their root causes -- which include oppressive systems like patriarchy, capitalism, racism, (neo)colonialism, climate breakdown and others.

We have trained over 2,000 people from over 500 organisations in over 150 countries. Our events typically include peers from 60-70 different countries, creating a diverse and inclusive space for peer-learning. While all our trainings are subsidized, we also have a financial assistance program for small organisations to ensure that none are left out.

Current trainings focus on decolonizing and contextualizing our work in safeguarding and strategy with our celebrated Transformative Safeguarding Course and new Strategic Foresight Workshop, respectively. Our flagship training, the Justice Based Approach Foundation Course, also challenges theory and practice in programme design, communications, fundraising, advocacy, and monitoring and evaluation and is suitable for every level and department of staff. Join us and the movement for change!