Ruby Moshenska

Ruby has expertise in designing and delivering bespoke training for diverse stakeholders, including: Investigation Training for new or experienced Investigators - Ruby has designed and developed numerous Safeguarding investigation training courses, offering bespoke training for organisations that introduces Safeguarding investigation concepts or builds expertise of longer-term Investigators. She takes a participatory and interactive approach including group discussion, interview role play, and peer to peer feedback. Training for Safeguarding Focal Points - Ruby has a wealth of experience developing training for Safeguarding Focal Points, whether they are new to the role or have extensive experience. She has experience building communities of practice where Focal Points can share ideas and learning, rather than relying on a top down approach. Training for Safeguarding all staff/partners - Ruby has experience training all staff and implementing partners on Safeguarding, ensuring that it is clear, accessible and meaningful to all participants. She has experience carrying out such trainings across all continents. Training for Safeguarding Boards/Trustees - Ruby has developed and designed training for numerous boards and trustees, whether this is an all-purpose training on board Safeguarding responsibilities, training on incident management at the board level, or training trustees with specific oversight responsibilities on Safeguarding. Ruby is available to support organisations to strengthen their Safeguarding capacity, and can support on in-person or online training. She can be contacted at [email protected]