Mdsustain is an environmental consultancy dedicated to helping civil society organisations (CSOs) and businesses reduce their impact on the planet. Our team provides guidance, tools and services that support organisations to systematically 1) understand 2) assess 3) improve and 4) communicate their environmental sustainability. Our approach has been designed to support organisations coming from any sector, location, or capacity to integrate sustainability into their business model and operating context. It does this through helping each organisation find their own solutions to their unique challenges through our structured framework of user-friendly tools, facilitated exercises, and collaborative workshops.

Due to our flexible approach, we have supported diverse clients ranging from large international heath and development actors and global food distribution companies, to consulting firms and grassroots charities working across Africa.

Mdsustain offers two recommended packages with a set of guidance modules, workshops, and tools that support organisations to understand, improve, assess, and communicate their environmental sustainability. Organisations can also request bespoke tailored packages or choose from single solutions such as a carbon footprint, net zero strategy, or environmental policy development.