Helen Collinson

As a consultant, Helen has provided advocacy strategy support to Latin American and African CSOs in the extractives sector, to Middle Eastern HR NGOs and Bosnian CSOs and CSOs in multiple African countries as well as in the UK. Helen regularly delivers advocacy training courses for INTRAC and for Bond, both online and face-to-face. She has conducted a number of evaluations of advocacy programmes for various international NGOs and is currently the lead consultant for a developmental evaluation of seven environmental campaigns funded by the Oak Foundation. Her policy research has focused on the role of civil society in holding governments to account, the implications of changing aid architecture for CSOs, and tax and development.As Head of Advocacy at Christian Aid 2002 - 2005 (and acting Head of Policy 2003 - 2004), Helen developed new advocacy monitoring and evaluation tools, oversaw CA's advocacy capacity-building work with southern partners, and developed CA's advocacy work on governance, and on trade justice. As a human rights (HR) policy officer at CIIR, she supported the advocacy initiatives of Colombian, Guatemalan and Haitian HR organisations. She was also the Campaigns Strategy Lead for the UK NGO Christian Aid, devising and overseeing public campaigns on climate change primarily, and ensuring coherence with policy and advocacy functions