Agenda Consulting

We specialise in engagement surveys and provide leaders and managers with compelling evidence and deep insight. Our non-profit engagement database is one of the largest in the world and our focus on not-for-profit organisations helps us to gain a deep understanding of the issues and challenges our clients face.

We strongly value our long-standing relationships and work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs. We are proud that our clients see us as trusted partners.

We use leading edge survey technology enabling managers to access reports and online dashboards.

Our Surveys:

  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Volunteer Engagement Survey
  • Respectful Workplace Survey
  • Health and Wellbeing Survey
  • Diversity and Inclusion Survey
  • 360 Survey
  • Onboarding Surveys
  • Exit Survey
  • Full Surveys
  • Pulse Surveys
  • Action planning and further support

We take a consistent approach by:

  • establishing a dedicated project team who will work with you throughout
  • designing the survey to meet your needs
  • offering research-based questions and including a full set of demographics to enable deep analysis
  • providing external benchmarks from peer organisations of your choice
  • using sophisticated technology platforms providing online dashboards and reporting
  • feeding back results to senior leaders, including our analysis of the key strengths and issues to address