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International aid forms an important part of a complex set of international development interventions that aim to lift people out of poverty and support countries to become self-sustaining.

This hub brings together the most useful aid resources to support those wanting to stand up for aid, and it gathers the latest news and views about international aid.

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Aid resources

PPA strategic funding legacy report
Christian Aid has produced this webpage of country-specific case studies and infographics to present the impact of UK aid strategic funding.
2 December 2016
boy holding a seedling in a field
This report considers how we can foster the leadership, action and conditions required to enable civil society in the Global South to thrive.
13 December 2016
Narrative Project Presentation
This Presentation provides a background on The Narrative Project, a piece of research which explores how our communication strategies can change public perceptions of global development.
28 June 2016
The Narrative Project Webinar
This online seminar explains how using The Narrative Guide and its core themes of independence, shared values, partnership and progress in our conversations on global development can change public perceptions.
27 October 2016
UK aid budget cartoon
This cartoon about the UK aid budget, gives the background to the parliamentary debate that took place on 13 June 2016, as a result of a petition started by the Mail on Sunday.
Mother and child under mosquito net
Images, suggested tweets and possible responses to common criticisms of aid. A toolkit to help support pro-aid voices on social media.

Aid news and views from Bond

Corruption is deadly sign in Uganda
With corruption being used as a reason to attack aid efforts, we look at how corruption affects development and what NGOs should consider to overcome it.
17 January 2017
Cash and vouchers being handed out in Nigeria
In response to criticisms of cash transfers we've rounded up some recent resources and opinions from social media showing their effectiveness.
4 January 2017
Volunteers teaching a class
Looking past the anti-aid headlines, individuals working on the frontline of aid projects share the positive difference they saw aid make in 2016
3 January 2017

Aid in brief

"This is not a public service announcement"

Sho Konno from Restless Development blogs on what "communications for development" should mean in light of recent media attacks.

"This is not a public service announcement" 20 January 2017

Quick facts: what you need to know about cash as aid

MercyCorps provide this comprehensive set of answers to common concerns around cash transfers, including the conditions around money given, its effectiveness and the benefits for recipients.

MercyCorps 4 January 2017

16 things young people can celebrate from 2016

Restless Development share the achievements from 2016 that young people can celebrate, including the Department for International Development's first Youth Agenda. 

Restless Development 21 December 2016

This is what 7.6 million of you achieved in 2016

ONE take a look at the achievements made by their offices around the world in 2016, including the work of Youth Ambassadors to defend the overseas aid of European countries. 

ONE 20 December 2016

Beyond Brexit: The Volume of EU Aid after 2020

While the UK negotiates its exit from the EU, the EU will be negotiating over its own budget for 2020-2026. So, where will EU development aid be a quarter of the way through the 21st century?

Center for Global Development 20 December 2016

Moments to celebrate in 2016

Despite the negative events that have sometimes dominated the news this year, there is still much to celebrate. Here are some of the things VSO volunteers, partners and supporters have achieved in 2016. 

VSO 19 December 2016

Putting flesh on the bones of the new UK Aid Strategy

A summary and review of four recent DFID policy papers - the Research Review, the Civil Society Partnership Review, the Bilateral Development Review, and the Multilateral Development Review.

Simon Maxwell 16 December 2016

Event podcast: Brexit's impact on developing countries

This event brought together economists and experts in trade and development to explore how the UK's decision to leave the European Union might affect developing countries.

ODI 14 December 2016

8 ways you made the world a better place in 2016

MercyCorps show some of the impacts that their aid work has had in 2016, helping 30 million people and planting the seeds of lasting change in communities across the globe.

MercyCorps 14 December 2016