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International aid forms an important part of a complex set of international development interventions that aim to lift people out of poverty and support countries to become self-sustaining.

This hub brings together the most useful aid resources to support those wanting to stand up for aid, and it gathers the latest news and views about international aid.

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Aid resources

Gates Annual Letter
This year’s annual letter is addressed to Warren Buffett, who in 2006 donated the bulk of his fortune to the foundation to fight disease and reduce inequity.
15 February 2017
Defending Aid Resources
A collection of shareable case studies, videos and twitter actions to make the case for aid online.
2 February 2017
Mark VSO #UKaid testimonial
Stories and quotes from frontline workers and volunteers about the value of UK aid.
31 January 2017
PPA strategic funding legacy report
Christian Aid has produced this webpage of country-specific case studies and infographics to present the impact of UK aid strategic funding.
2 December 2016
boy holding a seedling in a field
This report considers how we can foster the leadership, action and conditions required to enable civil society in the Global South to thrive.
13 December 2016
Narrative Project Presentation
This Presentation provides a background on The Narrative Project, a piece of research which explores how our communication strategies can change public perceptions of global development.
28 June 2016

Aid news and views from Bond

USAID - humanitarian effort in Indonesia
The CEO of InterAction, the US network for NGOs working around the world, looks at how Donald Trump's administration might affect international development.
22 February 2017
Soumbedioune fish market in Dakar, Senegal
DFID's first Economic Development Strategy sets out the department’s new approaches and priorities for economic development.
31 January 2017
End Corruption sign in Uganda
There is no quick fix to overcoming corruption in aid but there are some things we can do better - here are six suggestions for where to begin.
23 January 2017

Aid in brief

Letter of the Day: Overseas aid is worth every penny

Midwives who volunteered in Tanzania write about how UK overseas aid can make a difference for midwives, mothers and their babies.

Evening Standard 7 March 2017

Should the UK help older people all over the world?

Age International believes that the UK’s commitment to helping the needs of older people worldwide should stand alongside and not be in competition with older people in the UK receiving the help they need.

Age International 10 February 2017

Foreign aid: why direct giving works

Critics of foreign aid spending have recently postulated that taxpayer money is being lavished on ineffective development initiatives. nfpSynergy disagree - find out why.

nfpSynergy 8 February 2017

Foreign aid: how to make sure taxpayers get results rather than rhetoric

The criticisms of cash transfers are not about getting a genuinely better deal for taxpayers, or for the poor. Rather, they seek to exploit negative stereotypes of the poor.

Newsweek 2 February 2017

Baroness Northover: UK Aid - high impact, low cost

The instability fostered in the world by poverty, migration, climate change, conflict, must be tackled collectively, says Baroness Northover. 

Politics Home 2 February 2017

Attack on aid is an attack on women's rights

Barbara Dockalova of Womankind Worldwide blogs about the increasing attacks on overseas aid and what this means for women and girls.

Womankind Worldwide 31 January 2017

UK Aid: We Must Protect Our 0.7%

Feed the Minds' director gives her thoughts on recent news headlines about UK Aid and says we must also do all we can to protect our 0.7% commitment.

Feed the Minds 25 January 2017

Don't let anyone tell you that you can cut overseas aid painlessly

Kevin Watkins, CEO of Save the Children writes on why we should always care about value for money - but we should be proud of our commitment to the world's poorest. 

New Statesman 5 January 2017

Quick facts: what you need to know about cash as aid

MercyCorps provide this comprehensive set of answers to common concerns around cash transfers, including the conditions around money given, its effectiveness and the benefits for recipients.

MercyCorps 4 January 2017