UK prime minister Theresa May arrives at a summit

PM pledges 0.7% aid spending must serve UK’s interests

Theresa May announces that UK aid will be used to further private sector investment in Africa and to serve the UK's national security interests.

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International aid forms an important part of a complex set of international development interventions that aim to lift people out of poverty and support countries to become self-sustaining.

This hub brings together the most useful aid resources to support those wanting to stand up for aid, and it gathers the latest news and views about international aid.

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Aid resources

Our manifesto for the next government to commit to making the UK a proud global leader in international development.
4 November 2019
Politicians in UK parliament
Experts use their insights and experiences of parliamentary advocacy to breakdown how much British political parties support international development.
11 October 2019
The Bond network highlights crucial gaps where attention and investment are most needed to achieve the SDGs internationally.
17 June 2019
Syrian Children in Refugee camp
The most widely known and internationally recognized tool in the field of humanitarian standards. The latest edition reflects new evidence and evolving practice in the humanitarian sector
7 June 2019
City of London skyline
With more UK aid being delivered through the private sector, we brought together sector experts to interrogate what these trends mean for the poorest countries.
25 March 2019
A selection of images and statistics showing the value of multilateral partnerships when working on development issues like health, education and climate change.
15 March 2019

Aid news and views from Bond

30 January 2020
The government won't realise its vision of a global Britain if DFID is scrapped or merged with the FCO.
Fuleira Mohammed undergoing trachoma surgery
29 January 2020
On the first ever World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day, a look at how far we've come towards eradicating these diseases since the London Declaration, and how far we've still got to go.
Leaders, country representative and key speakers at the UK-Africa Investment Summit
24 January 2020
Bringing together leaders of 20 African countries and UK government, the UK-Africa Investment Summit could be a game-changer for the world's poorest, but the devil is in the detail.