A guide to the Annual General Meeting

The Bond Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a formal meeting of Bond members which provides an opportunity to review the work of the organisation in the previous year, at which the organisation’s finances, current progress on the strategy and plans for the future are presented to members for discussion and examination.

It is also the occasion on which new board members are elected, and any other business relating to the organisation can be discussed.

This guide answers the questions that you may have about the AGM and the election process.

2023 AGM

The AGM will take place on Thursday 23 November, 14:00-16:45. 

The event will be held online (Zoom).

The deadline for board nominations is Monday 9 October. More details below.

Bond voters who aren’t able to join the meeting can vote by proxy. The proxy form will be available nearer the time.

Who can attend?

Anyone from a Bond member organisation can attend the AGM (there is no charge) but only your organisation’s designated voter can take part in discussions or vote.

Elections to the Bond board

How can I stand for election to the Bond board?

There are up to 12 members of the board of Bond, and there are regular annual vacancies as terms of office come to an end. Anyone from a full member organisation (but not associate members) can stand for election to the Bond board.

This year, there are three board places up for election. Those interested in standing for election should read the details and apply online. The deadline for nominations is Monday 9 October

How does the board choose co-optees?

The board can nominate up to four co-optees to sit on the board, and up to three of these can come from outside the membership. Co-optees are there to provide specific and particular skills and perspectives which can add value to strategic delivery and the successful governance of the organisation.

The presumption is that co-optees will be sourced initially from within the membership and the board will only consider non-members for the board where those skills and perspectives cannot be found within the membership.

Raising issues of concern

If members wish to raise any matters with the Board at the AGM, please contact Kate Sayer, Bond Chair, via [email protected] and we will put you in touch.


Who can vote at the AGM?

All organisations that are Full members of Bond have the right to vote at the AGM. Usually it is the chief executive or director (of Full members) who holds the voting rights on their organisation’s behalf. Here, they are referred to as the Bond voter.

Use this form to change your organisation’s designated voter for the 2023 AGM. The request can only be made by the chief executive (or equivalent) or a member of the SMT. If you are not sure who your organisation’s voter is, please contact [email protected]

We send all correspondence regarding the AGM, including details of the Board elections and the AGM papers, by email directly to all Bond voters. Voting is done either in the meeting or online in advance. Voters can vote by proxy (see below) or email. There is no postal voting.

Can someone vote on my behalf?

If the Bond voter is unable to attend the AGM, they can vote online or nominate someone else temporarily to vote on their behalf at the AGM. The link to the online voting form will be sent out with the AGM papers.

If you have any questions about voting, please contact [email protected].

Who can take part in discussion at the AGM?

Anyone from a member organisation can attend the AGM, but only Bond voters can speak or vote in a debate on a motion or resolution. There’s a formal process by which issues are discussed, for which more details can be found in the Standing Orders.