Narrative Project

Public support for international development creates new opportunities for organisations in the sector to have influence amongst those in power, but there are many who feel cynical about the difference overseas aid actually makes.

The Narrative Project is a piece of research which describes 4 key themes that can be used in communication to change public perceptions.

  1. Independence: The world's poorest people have both the desire and the potential to stand on their own two feet and control their own destinies.
  2. Shared Values: People living in the world's poorest places have the same hopes and dreams as the rest of us and we have a moral obligation to help them reach their potential.
  3. Partnership: People in developing countries actively participate in making development programmes successful and sustainable.
  4. Progress: There's already a lot that has been achieved and our work is continually leading people out of poverty.




You can find the key Narrative Project resources here:

For more information, visit the Narrative Project website.