Teach A Man To Fish

Teach A Man To Fish supports young people from all over the world to learn vital skills for success through our entrepreneurship and life skills programmes offered both online and in the field.

Teach A Man To Fish was founded in 2006 by Nik Kafka and a dedicated group of individuals passionate about the role of education in poverty reduction. Teach A Man To Fish believe that education is the key to tackling global poverty. We help young people from all over the world to get the quality education they deserve.

We work with schools to create new sources of income so that the poorest children can attend for free, and through these projects the students get ‘hands-on’ involvement and learn practical skills and entrepreneurship. Teach A Man To Fish projects range from snail farming in Ghana to mangonurseries in Kenya and floriculture in Nepal.

Our mission is to encourage and support education projects that generate sustainable livelihoods for young people across the developing world. We aim to make a long term impact on global poverty by supporting education projects that give young people the skills to help themselves.

The concept of helping others to help themselves is far from new. It was exemplified in ancient times in the Chinese proverb from which we draw our name: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” Ancient it may be, but it is as true today as ever.

There are three core principles in line with this philosophy that guide us in our work:

Poverty Reduction  - we intend to eradicate extreme poverty. Our programs focus first on students from low-income  families and marginalized communities.

Education - we exist to educate. Educational goals supersede any other aims our programs have.

Entrepreneurship - we foster entrepreneurship. Viewing enterprise as an effective means of economic prosperity, our schools work to provide students with the skills and inspiration they need to generate wealth for themselves and their communities.

Teach A Man To Fish provides a range of assistance to schools and organisations working towards the Financially Sustainable School model. In 2009, Teach A Man To Fish launched the Pan-African Awards for Entreprenurship in Education which rewards innovative organisations working in Africa. In 2011 Teach A Man To Fish lauched the School Enterprise Challenge, which engages over 10,000 schools and youth groups annually from 100+ countries to start their own school businesses.  Teach A Man To Fish also provides a range of Training and Consultancy services to partner organisations.